Well, this episode begins the day after the aquarium incident with Nagisa’s friends asking her if it was exciting being there, and Nagisa tells them that she was too busy evacuating to pay attention. On her way home from school Nagisa gets Mepple stolen from her by a sweet talking chocolate booth girl, and when Nagisa realizes that Mepple is gone she begins to worry about Honoka and Mipple.

      So, Nagisa goes to Honoka’s house to find her and Honoka’s grandmother tells her that Honoka went to the library, Honoka’s grandmother grows suspicious over Nagisa’s behavior, and Nagisa rushes off to find Honoka. Honoka is sitting on a park near the library when she gets approached by an old lady, her and Honoka start to chit chat. Soon Mipple awakens and Honoka has to step away for a while, Mipple tells Honoka that she can feel that Mepple is near and Honoka tells Mipple to be quite while she talks with the old lady.


     Once Honoka gets back to the bench the old lady casts a spell on her, and soon Honoka and the old lady are in a field of flowers with Dr. Breakstone (Honoka’s idol). Dr Breakstone tells Honoka that he can achieve his life’s work if Honoka gives him Mipple, and after a lot of pressure from the old lady and Breakstone, Honoka almost hands over Mipple. Honoka is snapped out of her trance by her grandmother who has arrived on the scene, and her grandmother is immediately suspicious of the other old lady. The old lady transforms into the dark servant called Posiony, and she summons the dark power and makes a nearby crowd of people begin to attack the two.


      As Honoka and her grandmother begin to scream Nagisa is drawn to the commotion. Soon the crowd manages to knock Mipple out of Honoka’s hand and she ends up with Honoka’s grandmother. Both Mipple and Honoka’s grandmother are touched with a feeling of nostalgia when they make contact with each other. Posiony demand that she hand over Mipple to her but Honoka’s grandmother refuses, and Posiony attacks her with an energy blast but she is protected by Mipple’s power. Posiony fires a second and more powerful attack at her and again she is protected Mipple, but this time she collapses from the attack.


          After her collapse Honoka and Nagisa run to her side where Honoka recovers Mipple from her, then Posiony threatens to kill Mepple if the girls don’t over Mipple. Posiony begins to squeeze Mepple very hard causing him great pain, Nagisa and Honoka don’t know what to do because Posiony has the advantage. But eventually Mepple manages to transforms into his cute form and he scrambles out of Posiony’s grip and runs over to Nagisa. Once back in Nagisa’s possession, the girls transform to do battle with Posiony but they find that she has taken off. The girls now deal with the crowd of zombies by purifying them of the dark power.


      After the girls banish the evil from the crowd, Honoka and Nagisa sit on the park bench and enjoy the sunset, and Honoka makes the comment the she’s wishes that everything could stay this way forever. Back at home, Honoka grandmother who told the girls that she didn’t remember anything makes an attack gesture in front of her dog. Well, That’s all for this episode.

      Well, with episode we get the introduction of a new villain who seems more dangerous than the other ones. Posiony is more dangerous because she prefers a more sneaky approach over the direct approach. Also it seems that Honoka’s grandmother was the girl from the painting in the museum a few episodes back, and that she had contact with Mipple a few decades ago. Well, it will be a more interesting series now that we have a more sneaky villain.