This episode is a flashback episode covering how Kaiba and Neiro first met, it begins with Kaiba flying through the air and crashing to the ground. Neiro who was nearby saw all this happen and rushes to the crash site where she finds an unconscious man and takes him back to her room.

      The stranger soon awakens and but doesn’t speak, Neiro offers him food and drink, and eventually Popo shows up to see the stranger. Popo soon summons Neiro away for training and he tells the stranger to join them when he feels well enough. Soon Kaiba begins to walk around and check out the situation, and he sees Neiro and the others training for the revolution against Warp.

      After Neiro finishes her training she returns to find Kaiba up and about, and she sees that he has drawn some pictures from memory on her walls. After a while she takes him outside where they talk about Warp, her family, and her goals. Then Neiro grabs Kaiba and takes him on a little tour of the area, and later he is taken to a rally with a group for people.

      While at the group rally Dada request that Kaiba remove his shirt, and then we see Popo looking at the symbol on Kaiba’s stomach through a spyglass. Later, Neiro and Kaiba get drunk on some powerful spirits sent as a gift from Dada.  While they are messing around on Neiro bed she tells him that she will call him Kaiba after the legendary memory stealing plant, and she tells him that she’ll call him that until he remembers his name.

      After a while Kaiba seems to be remembering something, he remembers some of Neiro’s parents’ memories about how they were happy to have her around. Neiro says that they were saving up for her memory chip but she tells Kaiba that it’s OK that when she dies that everything can disappear like before she was born. Kaiba tells her that if she dies that she will always stay in his memories and she tells him that’s it’s not fair, and she wants him to hold her tight.

       Later while Neiro and Kaiba are walking together, Kaiba gives her a locket with her picture in it, and then he asks Neiro if she wants to live with him and they can change the world together. As they are walking down the hallway Neiro stops to show Kaiba a giant stone carving of the plant Kaiba being driven off by the king. Just then, the wall begins to collapse and Neiro and Kaiba are about to be crushed but some power that Kaiba has prevents the wall from crushing them until Neiro is pulled to safety, and then Kaiba flees from the group in a panic.

       The group tries to follow Kaiba and they end up in a large chamber where they see giant carvings of Warp and then they realize that Kaiba is Warp. Then Popo gathers everyone and tells them that Dada tried to strike Warp down from the shadows but failed, so they must track Kaiba/Warp down themselves. Then we see that Neiro is really upset over the situation, and Popo tells her that she must be punished for falling in love with Warp even though she didn’t know who he was. She is to go to Warp’s palace and gain his trust then use poison or a gun to stop his evil deeds.

     She finds Warp and he sneaks her into the palace because he says people will get angry if he let a underworld person inside the palace. Once inside his room they sit down to have a drink and as Warp is about to drink the poison that Popo gave Neiro she stops him from drinking it, and then she pulls out her gun and tries to take her own life but Warp stops her. A few seconds later some security bots surround Warp and Neiro and they say that they will eliminate the intruder, Warp summons a gun and tells Neiro that he’ll transfer her memories but she says no, he can’t use them for his enjoyment, and a second later a security bots blasts Neiro to goo.

      After the security bots leave, Kaiba goes around gathering up the remains of Neiro’s body and he also retrieves her memory roe. He then begins to grow a clone of Neiro from scratch and when she is finished he takes her out of the cloning pod. Later, Neiro asks him why he doesn’t fight and he tells her he’s doing the best he can. Kaiba then tells Neiro a little about his family life before he became the king, he had six brothers and his mother tried to kill him but she couldn’t. He explains that his body is immune to external damage and he can only be injured from the inside. His father tries to kill him and there was a big fight and only he survived to inherit the throne.

      After a while Neiro goes looking for information about Kaiba and when she finds something interesting she summons him to see it. As she is showing it to Kaiba they are betrayed from inside the palace and as they are falling from the heaven she tells him he won’t forget her because he’s Warp, and she places the locket around his neck and calls him her Kaiba. Now the series flashes forward to where Neiro realizes that she might have killed her Kaiba after having her memories controlled by Popo. Well, That’s all for this episode.

       Well, as we get closer to the end of Kaiba this episode answers a lot of questions that were raised earlier throughout the series. First of all, Popo really is a pretty evil guy, he knew that Dada was going to make an attempt on Warp/Kaiba’s life and he was willing to let Neiro get killed along with him. So, much for all that loyalty and trust that life long friends should have.

     Neiro and Warp clearly did/do love each other, it was pretty sweet watching their relationship develop over time. But what confused me was that while Warp/Kaiba is supposed to be the king he really doesn’t have much that much power over his situation. That issue was brought forward by two incidents in this episode, first of all if your the king you should be able to see/date whoever you want to, and secondly he should have been able to command the security bots to not shoot Neiro.

      That brings us to the heart of the matter, if Warp/Kaiba really doesn’t have full power as the king who really is calling the shots, is he just a tool of control for some heartless/amoral control system? Also, what is the relationship between Warp/Kaiba and the legendary memory stealing plant Kaiba, clearly Warp has tremendous memory abilities, he could recall Neiro’s dead parents memories and feelings.

      After watching this latest episode I more firmly than ever believe that Kaiba is the best anime series of 2008, it would take a monumental collapse of plot and story telling for me to change my mind. While this show might not be to some anime fans’ tastes but this series shows what anime is truly capable of, anime at it’s best can take almost any idea or theme and give life to it.

        Neiro’s just too damn cute!, if I was a 2D guy I could also fall for her cuteness. Please enjoy the cute screen captures of my Neiro.