This episode begins with a worker at a inn seeing a ghost and fleeing in fear. The next day at school Midori steals most of Ran’s bento because it was made by Rin, then a classmate comes up to the group and he shows them a magazine article about a nearby haunted inn.

      After getting home the kids show the magazine article to Rin, and he’s all excited about a ghost hunt. He suggests the four of them take a trip to the inn this weekend, Midori’s all over the idea of a trip with Rin, Ran starts to get annoyed with Midori, but her mother approves of the trip telling them to gather information for her. Once the group arrives at the Nouda Inn they go inside and run into a strange guy, and when Rin asks the owner if it’s really haunted she says no, but other workers say that the ghost is very scary. Soon they get shown to their room, and Rin pulls out some goofy looking ghost locating devices.


      After Rin and Midori try out the ghost detection devices and come to the conclusion that they aren’t working they decide to have a look around, but before they get going a man bursts in the room asking that Ran get rid of the ghosts.  He is the manager off the inn and he says that there really are ghosts here, and then he tells them the story about the appearance of the ghosts. Ran is about to get a answer from him about why he thinks she can solve the problem when his mother (the owner) walks in and tells him to leave the guests alone.

      But the manager stays and talks to the group where they find out about a dead patron, a letter, rumors of ghosts, and a purchase offer for the property. Midori uses her power to probe the manager’s mind and she gets some useful information out of him, and then she rips on him for a while about him just giving up on the inn. Later Midori and Ran head off to the woman’s bath to see if rumors of a female ghost are true when they run into a female employee fleeing in terror from a ghostly voice.


      When they enter the bath Midori vanishes and Ran begins to hear voices and gets scared demanding that the ghosts give Midori back. After a while Midori shows back up and tells Ran that she discovered the secret, she shows Ran a secret door leading to a shed where someone can use it to scare people than flee out the back. While the girls are away Rin, Rui and the manager search the area where he saw the ghost, and suddenly the ghost appears. Back at the woman’s bath Midori is lecturing Ran about how there are no ghosts when a ghost taps Midori on her back and she and Ran get frightened. Well, that’s all for this episode.

    Well, this episode begins another two part adventure for the junior detective society, this time it’s a ghost hunt not a plant hunt. I really enjoy Midori’s cocky and sassy nature, her and Ran’s good nature squabbling relationship adds spice to the series, it would be quite boring if the series just featured Ran and Rui. I find Midori’s crush on Rin to be quite cute, but I think that sometimes the writers go overboard with her goofy fawning over him. I think that Rin is good natured but a little slow when it comes to Midori, doesn’t he notice a cute girl practically throwing herself at him, go for it dude.

     One thing that I’m grateful for is that so far the evil teacher Momoko hasn’t show up again, if she does I’m almost ready to consider the relationship between the girls and her to be a reverse Lupin/Inspector Zenigata role play. Overall, I’m enjoying the nicely paced and mellow nature of this series, a hint of danger here, and a touch of romance there, make this series an enjoyable thirty minute distraction.