Of the past six months the search term “a bus load of idols” was by far the most amusing search leading to my blog. I don’t know about you but if the back of my local buses were loaded with ladies like these I’d say screw my car and take the bus to work.    

        About six months ago I did a post featuring the most interesting searches that lead to my blog, so now six months later I’m back with part 2. Of course the most popular search terms leading to this blog are pretty standard stuff, below are the top five.

  1. Sailor Moon
  2. Lucky Star
  3. Candy Candy
  4. Pretty Cure
  5. Konata

       But the most interesting search terms are from anime fans in the eternal quest for very delicious cake, so in the interest of helping fellow anime in their search of their favorite pastry I’ll serve up another helping of cake. Please note that I’ll only serve up a dish of safe for work cake, so if your tastes are of a more erotic nature remember that “the truth is out there” but you’ll have to find it on your own.

1. The most popular unusual search terms leading to this blog have to do with some version or variation of Lucky Star yuri.

2. The second most unusual but not unexpected search term leading readers to this blog is some variation of schoolgirls or Japanese schoolgirls.

3. Another interesting search term leading to this blog is anime girls kissing or Japanese girls kissing.

4. One amusing term that I see popping up every now and then is anime girls showering or girls showering, so here you go.

5. Since I covered the entire Clannad series a lot of searches are done by fans looking for pics of certain characters but lately I’ve seen an increase in searches for Tomoyo, so enjoy her pics.

6. Another really strange but almost daily search leading to this blog is pregnant anime or pregnant manga girls, so below are some pics of gals who forgot to use proper protection, or failed to attend the health class given in the second Naisho no Tsubomi OAV.

7. I see a lot of searches for yaoi and shota, so here’s a few for the fangirls!

8. Ah, the search for sexy Japanese nurses never seems to get old, I’ll bet if the nurses in your doctor’s office looked like the ones below you wouldn’t miss you annual checkups.

9. A lot of hits to this blog seems to come from some combination of search terms like Lolita maid, cosplay maid, or sexy Japanese maid. Well, below are some pics of some sexy Lolita maid cosplay, makes me wish that I had Bill Gates type money then I could host maid themed house parties.

10. Now for the next most interesting search terms leading to this blog are for Japanese girls and kimono and yukata. Well, this is one search that I can really understand, to me there is nothing sexier than a woman wearing a kimono or a yukata. So, enjoy the pics of hot gals wearing kimono and yukata.