This episode begins with a flashback to Popo’s childhood, it recalls Popo’s goals and wishes for the future. Then as Popo leaves the area that Warp and Neiro had their battle he runs into Sate and they get chased by some mechanical robots. When the get back to the underworld area they find out that the lower levels are covered by an purple mist (electronic field) preventing entry. Popo then runs into Cheki and he tries to tell her of their victory over Warp only to find out that Sate has erased her memories so she didn’t interfere with Popo’s plans. Popo is angry over the memory erasure act but when he’s with Cheki he tries to pretend like nothing happened.

      As Popo’s ship begins to take off towards Warp’s palace he tells Cheki that everything will be alright, and Popo also glances at his mother’s memory chip. He tells his mother that since he will be the king soon he’ll get her a new body, maybe a younger one than before, and maybe he’ll even get her a body with larger breasts if that’s what she wants. But, soon Popo loses his grip on her memory chip and it falls out of his grasp. Popo tells Sate to stop the ship but she tells him that the chip has already been incinerated from it’s fall. Popo now seems to be slowly losing his grip on his sense of reality and starts acting in a rash manner.

       Then the scene changes to Neiro mouring over Kaiba’s body, Hyo-Hyo and the memory merchant are with her, and he tells Neiro the true story of what happened after she and Kaiba fell to the ground. When they fell to the underworld Popo got to Kaiba’s body first and took him away, he was forced to alter Neiro good memories and replace them with the ones that Popo wanted but he placed Neiro’s unaltered memories inside of Hyo-Hyo. So, Hyo-Hyo (Neiro’s true self) has been looking over Kaiba while he regained his memories, and he offers to reintegrate her memories back inside her true body. In her sadness Neiro refuses while she mourns over Kaiba’s body, but soon Kaiba stirs and he tells them that the false ruler is on the throne and he needs to return to the palace.

      Kaiba tells Hyo-Hyo thanks for everything, and he looks at Neiro kindly and he tells the group that he is Warp, king of this ugly world and he needs to return to the palace. He jumps on Neiro’s transport device and takes off for the palace. Neiro tells the memory merchant that she needs to tell Kaiba an important story so he needs to take her to Warp’s palace.


        Then we get more flashbacks into Popo’s childhood and how he was manipulated as a child by the Dadas’ into becoming what he is today.

      Another interesting thing we see in the flashback is the meeting between Popo and his mother with Neiro’s family, we can see Neiro holding a stuffed animal that looks like the stuffed dog Quilt from episode five, could it be that Patches is Neiro’s father or a friend of the family?

       Once at the palace Popo declaires himself the king of everything while he’s in front of the Dadas and others, and on a computer screen they can see the approach of Kaiba the memory destroying plant and the Dadas tell him that it will soon arrive here. So, Sate suggests the they use the fans to spray the purple mist/ electronic field at the plant but the Dadas tell them that the palace and the underworld will be no longer separated and the people will be harder to control without the field. But, Popo tells them no, he chooses that they all be swallowed by the plant to become one with all their memories linked together. He tells everyone that he’ll inject his and Cheki’s memories inside the plant to form a circuit and change humanity and make everyone happy.


      The Dadas decide that Popo is crazy and they decide to deploy the field/mist anyway and form a barrier to stop Popo from doing what he wants to do. As Popo is celebrating his victory and declaring how he will change human evolution Sate blasts him form behind saying that she can’t follow him there. Then Mantle blasts Sate from behind telling everyone that he is quick to recover and he’s not dead, and then as the Dadas are freed the fake Warp blasts Mantle from behind and the four fake Warps celebrate their victory by saying that brothers/ friends help themselves. As the three Dada’s are enjoying their victory the fake warp freezes them with his gun and looks into their memories and then he kills them.

      Now as the fake Warp stands over all the dead bodies of everybody who wanted the throne he says that he’ll now release all the stored memories. The fake Warp grabs a sword and enters the memory tank storage room and begins to smash all the storage tanks over the objection of the computer system, so now the fans are directing the purple mist and all the memory roe out into space. Then we see the memory merchant transfer his memory chip into a robot and he grabs Neiro and Hyo-Hyo and rockets up towards the palace telling Neiro that now only (the real Warp)/ Kaiba can save the world by understanding and fulfilling his true power. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, this episode was one hell of a wild ride, it’s almost as if the writers were listening to the song “Let the Bodies hit the Floor” as they were writing this episode.

      First lets discuss Popo, at first I thought that he was a good guy and as the show progressed I really thought he was pretty evil. But after seeing episode 11 I still feel that he’s somewhat bad but I also feel sorry for him after finding out that the Dadas have been messing with his memories since his early childhood days.

      Now I really feel sorry for Neiro, her only crime was falling in love with a man. Her memories were manipulated and twisted until she was willing to kill her lover, but at her core she is a kind and loving girl. If anyone in this series deserves a happy ending (LOL), Neiro is the one I wish could live out the rest of her life in kindness and comfort.

      Kaiba/ Warp, my feelings about him are mixed, in one respect I feel sorry for him not knowing love until Neiro came along. But on the other hand I feel that as the ruler of a corrupt system he should have did something sooner to reform the system. After watching this episode I’m more firmly convinced that even that the whole system is beyond reform and needs to be utterly destroyed, the whole memory system is a perversion of the laws of nature and human rights, if one can’t even control your memories and emotions than freewill doesn’t exist on the most basic level.

      Sorry for the short review but lots of work, the Olympics, a couple of parties, power watching Tweeny Witches, and other things have been taking out a lot of my spare time lately. So, hopefully my schedule will allow me some more blogging time in the next couple of weeks.