Note: The world of Eve no Jikan is set in a future Japan where robots/ androids are common place in Japanese households. The androids all have a holographic halo above their heads to mark them as non-human, and members of society that are obsessed with androids are referred to by calling them Dori-kei.

      Part one of this film begins with a young man (Rikuo) downloading some data from a android (Sammy), then as he prepares for school the android begins to perform basic household tasks like making coffee and cooking. Later at school he runs into a friend (Masaki) who saw Rikuo’s older sister (Naoko) last night and he says that she was pretty out of it, but he tells his Masaki not to worry about it he sent the android to take care of her. Masaki tells him that he trusts androids too much but Rikuo says that it’s not about trust.


      After looking at the movement records of his android he asks his Masaki if he’ll come with him after school to check some of the places his android visited, he feels that something strange is going on after he looks over her records, he also notices a strange entry in her records “are you enjoying the time of Eve”. When they arrive at one of the locations listed in the data they think that the GPS is broken, but soon they see a android entering the location. They follow the android inside and the guys see a sign matching some of the strange data from Rikuo’s android’s data “are you enjoying the time of Eve”.


      Well, they follow the android inside to find a cafe that has a board at it’s entrance stating that the rules for this cafe call for no discrimination between humans and androids while inside. They get greeted by a counter girl (Nagi) who tells them to have a seat and she’ll take their orders soon, so they have a seat. Once at their seats Masaki and Rikuo notice that the android that they followed inside no longer has a ring above it’s head and they start to get paranoid that this place might be dangerous.


       Soon the waitress comes to take their orders and she tells them to enjoy themselves as long as they obey the rule, but soon they start staring around looking at everybody in the shop. They get interrupted by a young girl (Akiko) visiting their table, she invites herself to a seat and begins to talk their heads off with questions, but when they ask about Masaki’s android, Nagi (the waitress/owner) tells them that it’s one demerit point for breaking the rules. Masaki then asks Akiko if it’s strange that his family doesn’t own an android and she tells him that she’s heard of such situations.

      Masaki asks Akiko why she hangs out here and she says that it’s a family situation but she likes to talk to and understand everyone, she feels that everyone is her family, and she says that everyone is different no matter what they look like. The next day at school Rikuo tells Masaki that Akiko got him thinking and now he wonders what his android Sammy is thinking about. As Masaki and Rikuo are waiting to leave the school they see Akiko at the school and to Rikuo surprise Akiko has a band above her head marking her as a android.

     Once at home Sammy gives Rikuo a cup of coffee and he is shocked to find out that she brewed a new brand, and when he asks her why she changed brands she tells him that she thought he would like it better. Rikuo then starts questioning Sammy about why she is acting independently and trying to be human and she replies that she is not human she is a android, a few seconds later Rikuo’s sister Naoko tells Rikuo that he is acting like a Dori-kei. Well, that’s all for this part of the movie.

      Well, this was a interesting opening several minutes for the Time of Eve movie, the setup was quick and to the point. The Japan of this future has now integrated robots/ androids into their society as basically domestic servants, and they are treated by most people like such. But Rikuo’s grasp on the rules of the world are shaken when he tracks his andriod’s travels to a cafe where the androids’ halos are turned off. He had a conversation with a cute girl named Akiko and later he discovers that she is a android, he thought Akiko was a human because she passed a super advanced version of the Turing Test. It seems that androids in this world have gotten so good that while in the cafe they have transcended the Uncanny valley so it shakes Rikuo’s reality and he must readjust his thinking.