This episode begins with Midori passing out after seeing the ghosts, once back at their room Ran, Rin, Rui discuss the events with the owner’s son while Midori recovers in bed. Rui isn’t sure that the ghost he and Rin saw was real because it didn’t wasn’t transparent. The group minus Midori goes to checkout the rear entrance to the woman’s bath, and while checking it out Rui finds some sheets and they assume someone is playing games with them. Rin is extremely disappointed that the ghost he saw was a fake but he seems really interested in the real ghost Ran and Midori saw, so when they get back to the room Ran draws a picture of the ghosts she and Midori saw. While they are talking about the case Midori seems to be having pleasant dreams about guess who?


        later that night Midori and Ran try to connect the guy who died earlier at the inn to the ghosts and other mysterious occurrences. The next day Midori and Rin go to the library to do some research while Ran and Rui investigate the room where the old man died. Ran picks an item off the floor and she gets some telepathic impressions about a fight and a letter, and Midori and Rin also find some useful information.


       Just as the Inn’s owner signs the sale contract with the buyer of the inn Midori grabs the contract away from him and tears it up, he goes to lunge of her but Rin steps in the way. Then they explain in step by step detail how he and the dead man man killed a old couple and their adopted son fifteen years prior for the large amount of cash and valuables that were kept in the house. The adopted son of the murdered couple thought he was friends with the two other men, but they killed him so the police would assume that he was the real murder when he turned up missing. They buried his body underneath where the new wing of the inn was going to be built.

      Then three months ago the guy who was trying to buy the spa murdered his friend because he was going to turn himself into the police for the three murders after receiving a letter that was written fifteen years ago by their murdered friend stating how happy he was to have found such good friends. Then the murderer started the ghost rumors and staged some of the occurrences to drive off the inn’s customers so he could buy the inn and keep the evidence of his now four murders hidden forever.


       After Rui presents his evidence of the murders to him he tries to storm off but Ran and Midori grab him and use their powers on him. They find out everything about the crime and they also discover that the ghost of the stabbed man that Midori and Ran saw was actually projected out of the darkness and fear in his heart, he then collapses and later confesses to the crimes.

      A few weeks later the group is sitting around and reading a letter from the manager of the inn and it says that after the confession the rumors of the ghosts have faded and they are getting their customers back, and he also invites them back as guests of the inn. At the end Ran tells them that the second ghost that she and Midori saw was probably a real ghost, the ghost was  more than likely the manager’s father, the founder of the inn.

      Well, this episode finishes another two part story arc, it seems that in Telepathy Shojo Ran that most of the adventures of the crew will be multi episodic in nature. This episode continues with the formula that most evil is derived of the darkness that lies inside the human heart. In the previous story Momoko was able to manipulate people because of their wiliness to disbelieve the truth as seen by their own eyes, and in this story the stabbed ghost was materialized by the darkness and fear from inside the murderers own heart.

       One thing I found out of character in this episode was Midori’s fainting spell, if anything she’s shown in previous episodes is that she’s pretty tough so I found her fainting from fear a little over the top. I also think that sometimes they take Midori’s fawning over Rin a little to far, while I think that’s it’s cute that she’s attracted to Rin because in the first couple of episodes she stated that she and Ran could never fit in and find happiness with regular people, so it’s nice to see Midori happy and carefree.

        Overall, this series continues to keep me interested in it’s plot and characters. It now seems that the basic outline for the crews’ adventures are pretty established, two cute girls possessing paranormal powers with nice non-sexual boyfriends find mysteries to explore and solve, they will never be in any real danger because they have strong powers to protect them from supernatural danger and they have Rin to protect them from physical danger. So in the end this show is like the Nancy Drew mysteries except the girls also have supernatural powers and boyfriends. 

       The only thing that annoyed me about the last two episodes was that while on their trip to the inn/spa/onsen we got no fan-service action. Come on now, we all know that almost every anime series featuring cute girls/women have a onsen/beach episode for the male viewer of the series, so WTF! Would a little towel/yukata action have really hurt the plot-line, after all whats the point of a spa/inn/onsen episode with out the fan-service.