This episode begins with Midori going away for a while and Ran looking forward to some alone time with her boyfriend Rui. At school one of Ran’s friends notices how happy Ran is and inquires about her and Rui’s status, and when Ran says that they are only studying together, she calls Ran a overly pure junior high school girl.


       On her way home from school Ran bumps into a girl from class and she gets a telepathic impression of sadness from the girl, Ran follows the girl home where she sees that the girl is moving away soon. The next day in class Ran help a guy (Yamashita) get a love letter back from his friends, then she sees him tear it up and toss it out the window.

         Later on, Rui attempts to help Ran study but she’s too concerned about Yamashita so they search for the pieces of the letter, and once they have all the pieces Ran uses her power on the letter. Ran discovers that the letter was written by the girl (Akari) she bumped into the other day. She and Rui returns the letter to Yamashita and Ran tells him he needs to consider the feelings of the sender, and she also learns by using her power that he couldn’t express his feelings in a better way to the Akari.

       Later that night Rui goes to talk with Ran about the situation and Midori shows up and agrees to help Ran, but she also tells Ran that there might be nothing they can do. The we see some flashbacks of how Yamashita and Akari first meet and became friends.

     Ran and Midori climb a tree outside Yamashita’s house and they use their power to animate a stuffed alien animal to try and convince him to meet with Akari and tell her his true feelings. But he still doesn’t go, so Ran and Midori combine power to convey Akari’s true feelings to Yamashita and in the end he leaves his house to meet her before she leaves town.

       The next day at school Yamashita goes up to Ran and he tells her that he knows she was responsible for what happened last night. Ran thinks that Yamashita has found out about her powers but soon he begins to ask her how she did it, did she hide in his room, or did she place a speaker inside the stuffed animal? Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, this was another interesting and enjoyable episode TSR but this time the crew doesn’t have to face any danger. The only enemy in this episode was a guy’s inability to tell his girl how he really feels, so it takes a good hearted magic girl to show us dumb guys how talk to a girl.

        So does any of this shy, unable to express his feelings portrayal of a Japanese guy surprise me? No, this kind of portrayal in anime is quite common, but the more that I read about real problems in Japanese society I feel that this portrayal might be more the reality rather than the exception.

       The Japanese government worried about low birthrates surveyed women involved in LTRs and marriages and found that very little to no sex is occurring in these relationships. When these women were asked what would it take for them to have more sex, a large number of the respondents replied that if he kissed me or touched me more often I would want to have more sex. Well, after reading that I think that the guys over there need to get some courage up and get some damn game.