This episode begins with Judy arriving at Lock Willow Farm for the summer and she describes in a letter to Daddy that after two months she is still upset about him not allowing her to spend the summer with Sallie and Julia. Then the Sempleton’s show Judy a telegram informing them that Jervis will be stopping by for a visit, Judy is very excited and has to get ready to see him. When Jervis arrives they throw a surprise party for him, and Judy and Jervis share shy glances with each other.

       Later that day the postman arrives at the farm and Judy receives a letter from a New York publishing company telling her that they will publish one of her short stories in a upcoming issue and they also include a check for fifty dollars as payment. Jervis and everyone else is very impressed with Judy’s good luck and her entry into adulthood.


        That night Judy and Jervis have a conversation under the stars about how Judy feels and what she wants for her future. Jervis listens to what Judy has to say very closely and he is very supportive of Judy, and he tries to give her kind advice.


       The next day, instead of going to church with the Sempletons, Jervis and Judy sneak off to do some fishing at the river. After catching and cooking some fish, the weather starts to turn bad on them, so they decide to head back, but they get caught in a storm. As they rush back towards the house the storm gets very bad and Judy falls down a slope while Jervis is stuck watching her fall.

      Judy is injured and trapped at the bottom of the slope so she tries to make her way out of the ravine. Judy is very scared and manages to find some shelter under a overhang just then Jervis finds his way to Judy. Judy throws herself into Jervis’s arms and he hugs her right back, and they stay like that for a long time.


      The next day as Jervis is leaving the farm to head back to New York Judy thanks him for helping her the other day, then Jervis kisses her on the cheek and tells her to call him by his first name. Just before he drives off he tells Judy that he looks forward to her blooming into a beautiful flower. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, in this episode quite a few interesting things occur to Judy. Firstly Judy succeeds in getting a story published in a New York magazine and she gets paid for writing it. The Sempletons and Jervis give their congratulations to Judy for entering the adult world of pay for work.

      Then as the episode progresses Judy confides a lot of her personal feelings to Jervis, feelings that Judy has never shared with anyone before, you can almost feel the growing connection between the two. Then for probably for the first time in Judy’s life she needed someone else’s help when she fell down the slope.

      It seems that as Judy has gotten older (she’s now about 17) that Jervis has become interested in courting her (he’s about 27), in the context of the time period of the show, pre-WWI it would be perfectly acceptable for a young man of Jervis’s age to court a high school senior. Back in those days girls from proper upper middle class or wealthy families would expect to be courted by guys that could properly take care of them according to their lifestyles so that meant that only college graduates or guys with an established careers would court them.

       As this series comes to a close it will be interesting to see how Judy will make her choices, and if or when she chooses to reveal her orphan background, and how those around her will react to the news.