This episode begins with Ran waking up to a beautiful morning and she tries her best to make some bento for her and Rui to eat during a hike they will be taking later.  Just as Ran is about to finish the bento Rui shows up with Midori, Ran tries to act like it’s a bad dream, Midori wouldn’t barge in on her date with Rui, would she?

      While the three of them are on the train to the country Ran asks Midori why she’s butting in on her date with Rui, and Midori tells her since she can’t be with Rin why should Ran be able to get all lovey-dovey with Rui. Once they get to the country they take a hiking trail into the woods. At the top of a scenic lookout Ran and Rui fall down a slope and Midori follows them down where Rui finds a hidden forest path.

       As they begin down the path, Rui sees a stone traveling Kami, as Midori and Ran begin bickering about the stone Kami, Ran hears a voice coming from inside the statute. Ran places her hand on the statute and she asks it what it wants, it tells her it’s name is Kashiwaba Iratsuko and it tells her to take him to Iratsume Sakura.

        Ran tries to lift the stone but it’s too heavy, so Rui puts it into his back pack, and then the group goes to a library to try and locate the “Sakura of Onjo” but they don’t have any luck until they run into a old man. Midori finds out the the Sakura of Onjo is gone and only it’s stump remains. The old man then tells them the legend of Sakura of Onjo, it’s a pure love story about a promised and never fulfilled love. He tells the group that the Sakura stump is nearby the library, somewhere around the parking lot.

        The group rushes outside to find the tree stump, but before they can begin their search Rui is dragged through the parking lot by the stone Kami until he ends up by a giant tree stump. Then the group sees a vision of the boy and girl being reunited in the afterlife. At first the girl is pissed at the boy for making her wait so long (hundreds of years) but soon his love for her makes her anger go away and they embrace and are reunited. Well, that’s all for this episode.


         Well, this was another enjoyable episode of Telepathy Shojo Ran, nothing too deep or too dangerous here. Alas, poor Ran, she can never seem to get any alone time with Rui, but what would she do with it anyways? Probably nothing. In the last episode, Ran’s friend called her a overly pure junior high school girl and that’s most likely true.

       The whole moral of this episode is that true love can last forever, the boy promises to return to the girl after three years, but on his way back home he dies, so instead of fading away he turns into a stone Kami waiting for someone to return him to his love. The girl who also dies waiting for the boy’s return and becomes a Sakura tree waiting for his return. In the end, even after hundreds of years and a little issue called death can’t keep the lovers apart. Overall this was a nice sweet romance tale with a happy ending.

       Now to my favorite subject in this series, Midori. I really love her sassy, self-confidante, and smart arsed nature. I found her response to Ran asking her why she’s interrupting her date with Rui quite funny, if I can’t be alone with your brother why should you be alone with Rui.

      Now for my smart arsed non-Japanese response to Midori’s situation; if I was Rin I’d be all over Midori, she’s smart, cute, she love to eat and he loves to cook, and she is clearly interested in him. He should cook her a nice meal then carry her to his room, and then take off those cute strappy shoes she’s always wearing and ………………………, and show Midori, the girl who’s been lonely her whole life some good loving. Oh wait, I’m digressing into the wrong genre, must shop writing now. Below are some cute pics of Midori.