This episode begins with Ran running into Midori along the beach, and they talk about summer break and tonight’s firework display. Ran is excited about the display because last year she had to go with Rin but now she has a boyfriend, Midori wants to go with Rin, but Ran tells her he has Judo practice then he’s going to the fireworks with a friend. Midori gets upset at Ran because she won’t say if Rin’s friend is a boy or girl, but finally Ran tells her it’s a guy so she still has hope.

       Just as they are about to separate, Ran invites Midori to go to the fireworks with her and Rui but she says no thanks, then Ran invites Midori to breakfast but she refuses, poor Midori, she missed out on a home cooked meal by Rin. After the meal Ran gets ready for the fireworks and then she and Rui agree on the time and place where they’ll meet for the fireworks.

       Then we see Midori practicing the violin at her place, as she’s playing she has flashbacks of the bad time when she was rejected by her mother and others. But, she’s says that she hasn’t been having those thoughts lately and she chalks it up to her friendship with Ran, and after a while Midori steps out to grab a bite to eat.

       As Ran and Rui are out shopping they try to call Midori many times but she’s out too, Midori seems a little lonely by herself. Midori is cheered up when she hears Ran’s messages when she gets home. Later when Rui stops by to pickup Ran they again try calling Midori but they only get her answering machine.

           Ran and Rui head to the fireworks and Midori feeling kind of lonely heads down to the waterfront too. As the fireworks begin Ran and Rui are enjoying the show and Midori begins to walk through the crowd. Midori is starting to feel lost and surrounded by the crowd of people she doesn’t know, then Ran manages to locate her and then they enjoy the show together. In the end everyone enjoys the fireworks with either family or friends. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, this was a pretty mellow episode of TSR with a summer festival being the backdrop for the story. At first glance, one might think that this episode was about Ran and Rui going out on a date together but you would be wrong. While this episode included many ongoing themes, Ran trying to get some alone time with Rui, Midori wanting to get closer to Rin, or Midori’s cocky and sassy nature, but the heart of this episode was how deeply Ran’s friendship has affected Midori in many ways.

      When Midori and Ran first meet, Midori was a deeply lonely and bitter girl, she basically thought that she could never be normal or never have normal relationships. So, she disdained trying to interact with regular people out of fear of getting hurt and rejected. But, as time passed, Ran’s friendship with Midori has lead her to want normal human interaction. Through Ran, Midori has meet people who were willing to accept her for who she is and she feels comfortable around them because she doesn’t fear being hurt.

      Midori now wants or at least deep down needs to be a normal girl who would like things that normal girls would want; to feel cute and beautiful, have friends, and even want a little romance and love with Ran’s brother. I really hope that Midori can find a little peace, joy, and love, because she had so little of it as a child.