This episode begins with the girls starting their senior year of high school, Judy makes the observation that all the girls now have seemed to have matured from girls to women. Judy also comments that most of the girls are now making adult decisions about their futures, like marriage after graduation or what college to attend if they are going to continue their education. Also, Sallie gets invited to a date this Saturday, Sallie and her date Bob are nervous about being alone so Sallie makes it a group date with Judy, Julia, Jimmie, and Jervis coming along too.

        The girls wait for their dates in front of the movie theater, Bob and Jimmie show up a little late, Jimmie tries to grab up Judy but Julia intercepts him first. Bob and Sallie are attracted to each other but very nervous around one another, so Judy tries to calm Sallie down but she’s almost so nervous she can’t even be around him. Later while Judy is in the lobby she wonders why Jervis is so late.

        As Judy is waiting in the lobby she sees that Jimmie has ditched Julia he invites Judy for some tea. While having tea Jimmie tells Judy that he really likes her and he wants to know if she is seeing anyone and what she thinks of him. Judy tells him that she’s not seeing anyone but she has someone she likes but she doesn’t know if she should like him. Jimmie continues to pressure her about going out with him as Jervis walks up to them, he seems to have overheard the gist of the conversation.

       As Julia and Sallie arrive at the table where Jimmie, Judy, and Jervis are at there is tremendous tension between Jimmie and Jervis because Jimmie can tell that Judy likes Jervis. After a while, Jimmie storms off with Bob in tow, Julia blames the situation on Jervis, so he decides to leave. As Jervis is leaving, he thanks Judy for what she said and Judy blushes as he touches her shoulder. Well, that’s all of this episode.

          Well, with episode we are approaching the beginning of the end, the girls have now started their senior years of school. As Judy said at the beginning of the episode the girls have now changed into young women, and their concerns are now those of young women, college, jobs, and maybe marriage.

        The main point of this episode is about what do the girls really want? Sallie is clearly attracted to Bob but she is so nervous that his touch almost drives her into a panicked frenzy, she leaves Bob so flustered that he just leaves after the end of the movie. Julia really wants Jimmie as her boyfriend and she does everything that she can to try and make it happen. Judy is attracted to Jervis and she even told Jimmie that she has someone that she likes.

       Now to the guys. Bob really likes Sallie and he is very nervous around her but he tried to make the date go well but Sallie’s behavior spoiled his attempts, of the three guys I feel the sorriest for him. Jervis likes Judy and he lets her know his feelings in indirect but clear ways and Judy clearly understands his feelings. Jimmie wants Judy as his girl but Judy told him that she has someone else that she likes, he needs to get over her and pick Julia or some other girl.

        What I find amusing about this series is that the three main girls and guys are perfect catches for anyone, almost unrealistically so. Julia’s comes from a super rich family, Sallie’s family owns a factory,  Judy has a rich guardian, and all three girls attend a ultra elite girls finishing school. Jervis is a bank president, and both Jimmie and Bob attend Princeton and are on the football team. The cast of main characters from Daddy Long Legs puts the casts of 90210 and Gossip Girl to shame with their status.