For past several months I have been posting pictures of J-idols/models about every two weeks, and some of these posts are very popular, so I want a little reader feedback about future posts. Do you want me to continue mixing up the types of J-idols I post pictures of, or are there any specific age categories or specific requests for a individual idol/model. Below are some examples of idol categories to choose from, click to view at full size. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions for future posts, also additional contact information is available on my about me/contact page if you wish to send me a non-public E-mail. 

The U15-16/ just blooming idol category.

The “in full flower of youth category” Idols that are 16+ to around college age.

The fully matured idol category, well above high school age.

The cosplay idol picture category.

Please leave any comments or suggestions.