This episode begins with the minions of the Dark King getting chewed out about not being able to defeat Pretty Cure and recover the prism stones. Then at cooking class, Honoka and Nagisa discover that the rumors of Pretty Cure existence are running rampant throughout the school, but it doesn’t seem that Nagisa and Honoka are identified as Pretty Cure, and to make matters worse it seems that some girls are masquerading as Pretty Cure.

       Well, it seems that Pretty Cure is quite famous now because the impostors have been putting on performances in the local playground, and Honoka becomes worried that the evil people might attack the fake girls by mistake. Later that day, Honoka and Nagisa run into the impostors and it turns out to be two girls from their school named Kyoko and Natsuko. In the park Nagisa and Honoka talk with the girls about how they started pretending that they are Pretty Cure.


      The girls have been putting on shows for the children in the playground and the children seem to be enjoying the performances and Natsuko and Kyoto enjoy doing it. So when Nagisa suggests that they stop pretending, the girls get angry and they tell them that they are not bothering anyone. On their way home Kyoko and Natsuko are intercepted by Posiony in a alley, and she uses the two girls to lure Honoka and Nagisa into a trap.


         Posiony uses Kyoko and Natsuko to both attack Pretty Cure and to also keep them distracted by constantly putting the two impostors in danger. Honoka and Nagisa are in a tight spot because they can neither attack the girls or attack Posiony in the current situation. The girls accuse Posiony of being coward and to fight them properly, so she agrees to fight them, and slowly Natsuko and Kyoko begins to snap out of their dazed state.


       Nagisa and Honoka drag the two girls outside but soon the monsters begin to surround the girls and Nagisa and Honoka stand in front of the other two girls and take the brunt of the attacks. Soon Natsuko and Kyoko can’t take any more of the battle stress and pass out in fear, then Pretty Cure uses their Marble Screw attack to defeat the monsters. When Natsuko and Kyoko wake up, Nagisa and Honoka ask the girls what happened to them, and Nagisa and Honoka tell the girls that they found them lying unconscious on the ground.


       Then Natsuko and Kyoko tells them that they saw the real Pretty Cure and that they will stop pretending to be them. The next day after school, Nagisa and Honoka discover that Natsuko and Kyoko are still pretending to be Pretty Cure at the local play ground, and they both wonder in frustration what they should do. Well, That’s all for this episode.

       Well, overall this was a pretty amusing episode seeing the reactions of Nagisa and Honoka upon learning what other people think of their alter egos. Cure Black is cute and feisty, but seems kind of selfish; Cure White is cute and elegant, but seems to be missing something; well, it was funny watching Mepple making fun of Nagisa about being selfish.

       In magic girl shows it’s a quite common occurrence to have the magic girls’ identities almost exposed and it’s also quite common for acquaintances of the magic girls to be put in danger, remember how Naru in Sailor Moon was constantly attacked and only seemed to figure out that Usagi was Sailor Moon towards the end of the second season.

      Posiony seems to suffer from the same problem that the other bad guys in magic girl series suffer from, while the bad guys maybe evil they are not totally evil, a totally evil person would just wait for the girls to fall asleep then kill them in their beds. But, most of the villains have some honor and will wait for the girls to transform and battle them one on one. If Posiony was truly evil she would have continued to use Kyoto and Natsuko as shields and distractions until Nagisa and Honoka made a mistake then she would have killed them, but she didn’t like being called a coward so she released the other two girls.