This episode begins with Judy writing Daddy a letter about her goal of receiving a scholarship to college, she also tells him that she has received some scholarship applications to college due to he writing skills. Later on, Judy and Sallie both get invitations to a party being held at Princeton, but Judy tells them she didn’t get a invitation to the party because Julia didn’t get invited. That evening Judy calls Jimmie and tells him to invite Julia, but Jimmie makes Judy agree to come to the party if he invites Julia.

       A few day later Julia receives her invitation to the Princeton party, and Judy gets a letter from Walter Griggs telling Judy that her guardian does not wish that she that she tries for a scholarship and that he will support her education throughout college. Judy is very upset about his letter and she writes him back saying that she will continue to pursue the scholarship and that her roommates worry about her feelings than he does, and she tells him that she wants to earn her place in the world.

        As time passes, Judy spends her time trying to write, then one afternoon Sallie brings Judy a message from Jervis telling her to meet him at the train platform at 4PM. Judy rushes off to meet him at the station, and he invites her out on a date on Sunday. They talk for a while and they end up arguing about Judy’s decision to try and make it on her own, Jervis tells Judy that the world isn’t as nice as she thinks it is. Judy accuses Jervis of being just another rich guy like her guardian, and as Judy runs off, Jervis tells her he will be waiting to meet her at 3PM on Sunday.

       On Sunday Judy is in her room while Sallie and Julia are getting ready for the party, and after her argument with Jervis she is torn about meeting him for their date or going to the party with the other girls. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, in this episode Judy must deal with two major conflicts in her life. The first conflict is her ongoing problems with Jimmie and Jervis, she views Jimmie as a brother not as a boyfriend, and he seems to be having trouble dealing with this issue. Judy needs to be much more forceful with Jimmie about this, she needs to come right out and bluntly tell him that he only a close friend.

       The second issue that Judy must deal with is her conflict with her guardian about her scholarship, he feels that she should let him pay for her college, and she feels that she wants to try and support herself. Jervis tells Judy that she should just let her guardian pay for the school since that his job as her guardian. Jervis tries to tell her that it won’t be as simple as she thinks it will be, and he also told her that her last draft novel really wasn’t that good and that she has to be much better to earn a living.

         At the heart of Judy’s problems is that she wants what every person wants as they head towards adulthood, she wants to be a self-reliant person, living by her skills and hard work. While her guardian and Jervis feels that she’s trying too hard Judy feels that they are doubting her talents and abilities, this is a classic example of a child feeling that they are almost ready to leave the nest.