This episode begins with a man exploring a dark and foreboding shrine during a nighttime thunder storm, and while inside the temple he gets attacked by a man with three glowing eyes. Then as Ran, Rui, Midori are walking home from school they get a vision of the very same monster with three glowing eyes. Later, the group runs in to Rin who is also walking home from school with a girl, needless to say that Midori is shocked at seeing Rin with a girl. Midori admits that she is pretty but doesn’t want to lose Rin to her, but before she gets too worked up Ran pulls her back to Earth. She is Rin’s classmate (Sugano Reika) and she needs help locating her missing brother (Shouhei).

       Suga-chan takes the crew to her house were she tells them that her brother is a reporter who investigates the dark side of people, and she explains that since her father died long ago her brother is like a father to her and she is very worried. They look around his room and discover some clues about what he was looking into when he disappeared. The group decides to travel to the area in question to investigate the disappearance, once they get there they split into to two groups and Midori doesn’t end up with Rin.

        Midori and Ran head to the prime suspects house (Shimotsuki-san) to check it out, where they find it heavily guarded.  They try to gain entry through the front gates but are turned away, then Midori uses her powers to gain access through a side gate but they are soon cornered and they get to meet Shimotsuki.  Once they meet him, Midori uses the direct approach and asks him about Shouhei’s dissappearance, once he hears this he then invites them inside to talk.

       In the meantime, Rin, Rui, and Sugano go through the village asking question about the Three Caches temple/shrine, but no one seems to want to help them. Later, while they are in a restaurant they over hear the owner and his wife arguing about the curse of the three eyes clan. They ask him for info and he tells them about the clan and how the village drove them out many years age, but the three eyes clan left a curse on the village, and the clan member were supposed to be monsters hiding as humans.

        At the same time, Ran and Midori have a talk with Shimotsuki inside his house,  the have a very polite but heated debate about Shouhei and his disappearance, and his and investigation of Shimotsuki. After a while he tells the girls to leave and to believe what they what to about him. He gives them a free pass to the local inn for making his day interesting, and as he’s escorting them to the front door he has a reaction to seeing Sugano and he calls her Michiko.

         Later that night at the inn, they eat a good meal and discuss the case they even question Sugano about her being called Michiko and if she ever remembers Shimotsuki from before, she says she remembers nothing. Late that night Sugano goes to get a soda and is kidnapped and placed in Shimotsuki’s car, Ran is also kidnapped when she goes looking for Sugano, but before she passes out she sends a telepathic message to Midori for help. Midori sees Ran also being placed in Shimotsuki’s car before it takes off with the two girls. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, this episode had it all, cute girls in danger, a supernatural mystery, Midori worried about losing her dear Rin, and plenty of suspense. Overall, this episode seems to be the beginning of a two episode standard storyline, with the first episode starting the crew on a investigation of a supernatural event and the first episode ending with one of the crew in danger.

       While this is pretty standard stuff, the personalities of the characters and their interactions with each other is the real meat of the story. I have to admit that Ran and Midori’s constant good natured ribbing of each other really makes this series. But one thing I’ll never figure out is how anime characters always accept gifts from suspicious strangers that later get them in trouble, if Ran and Midori were leery of Shimotsuki why did they accept his gift of a free night at a local inn?