This episode begins with all the girls at school talking about their upcoming summer vacations, Nagisa’s family is going to a luxury hotel on a lake, and Honoka and her grandmother are going to a old inn near a haunted island. When Nagisa and her family arrive at the hotel, Nagisa discovers that it’s not a luxury hotel, it’s very old and run down. After Nagisa’s family checks in they run into Honoka and her grandmother in the hallway, Nagisa is shocked, Ryouta is pleased, and Honoka is suspicious.

       A little while later, Nagisa’s family and Honoka and her grandmother all have lunch together, and they talk about all kinds of stuff and they also talk about the legend of the haunted island near the inn. Later, Honoka and Nagisa find out more about the legend of the island from the inn owner. The legend says that two great warriors both loved a beautiful woman whom aways played a flute, then one day both warriors fought over the woman and killed each other in the process, then the woman died from grief and turned into a tree, and both warriors are enshrine by the tree. The legend also says that at sunset, if the lake is not foggy, you can make a wish.

         After hearing the story, Nagisa and Honoka decide to visit the island, so they ditch Ryouta and tell him that they’ll be back by dinner. They grab a boat ride to the island, but what they don’t know is that the boatman is really Posiony. As the girls are walking to the shrine Posiony activates the dark power over the island, and once the girls reach the shrine both suits of armor come to life with the dark power and begin to attack the girls.

       Meanwhile at the inn, Nagisa’s family and Honoka’s grandmother begins to worry about the girls, Ryouta tells the others that the girls went to the island and should have been back by now. Nagisa’s father heads off to the island to search for the girls, and the battle between the monsters and Pretty Cure heats up. After a while, the monsters start to get the better of Pretty Cure, and it looks like they might get defeated.

      Just as Pretty Cure is about to be finished off, mysterious flute music starts to cause the monsters to freeze up in pain. This break in the action allows the girls to use their dispel evil attack to free the suits of armour from the dark power allowing them to return to their shrines. Shortly after the battle Nagisa’s father finds the girls and he chews out Nagisa for showing a lack of respect to her family for making them worry.

       Once back at the inn the girls apologize for making everyone worry about them, and they also find out that there was a second version of the legend. In the second version, the two warriors died in battle defeating a large enemy force that was trying to kill their lady friend, they died protecting the most important thing to them. Later that day, Nagisa and her father make up and everything is back to normal. Well, That’s all for this episode.

        Well,  this episode was all about family and what is most important in life. Up until this point in the series neither Honoka and Nagisa considered what effect their current activities have or could have on their families. When Nagisa’s father almost stumbled into the battle it made Nagisa realize that her father could have been killed due to Pretty Cure’s battles.

        What really shocked Nagisa was how angry her father was at her for making her family worry about her, I guess that it must have been very easy for her to forget that her family still worries about her especially when you can flatten a large building with a single blow. Nearly every long running anime will have a beach, onsen, or matsuri episode to show a little fanservice for it’s male viewers, hell even Sailor Moon had a few of those episodes, but I guess that Pretty Cure won’t even give it’s male viewers a little dose. So below are a few work-safe fanservice picks, please click to view at full size.

Nice Honoka pics.

Nice Nagisa pics.

Nice pair pics.