This episode begins with a girl from the island of Hokkaido and the town of Biei leaving her house to visit her mother, we find out that her name is Suzuki Sora and that she has been accepted into a magical internship program in Tokyo. When Sora visits her mother who is working at a farm, her mother tells her that she has been accepted into the training program, Sora rushes to her mother and is filled with tears of joy. Then Sora rushes off to tell her father, it turns out that her father is most likely dead because Sora goes out into a field containing a large solitary tree where she tells her father that she will become a mage keeping their promise.

        Later, Sora calls her friend Michiru to tell her the good news, and they agree to meet and talk about Sora’s upcoming training. When they meet up, Michiru tells Sora that she is heart broken over a boy named Tooyama-kun, she likes him and he and his family will be moving soon. Sora tells her she is sorry, but she also says that she never noticed the romance, and Michiru tells Sora that it was really one sided, but she says that Tooyama-kun did say he wanted to see winter in Biei with her. Later Sora tells Michiru to meet her at 8PM when Sora will use her magic to help Michiru confess her feelings to Tooyama-kun.

        At home, Sora shares her last dinner with her mother, and her mother gives her lots of good advice about her training and life, like “life is trial and error”, “do your best”, and “don’t over work yourself”. Then Sora heads out to meet Michiru, when they meet up Michiru heads off to tell Tooyama her true feelings. Once Tooyama and Michiru are alone Sora unleashes her magic to aid Michiru, Sora creates magical snow where Michiru is able to tell Tooyama that she loves him, and that she keep her feeling hidden under the snow like the growing winter wheat.

       Back at home, Sora’s mother notices that Sora is quite happy and asks her if anything happened? Sora tells her that something nice happened but to Michiru not her, then her mother tells her that if she’s not happy she can always come back home. In her room, Sora gets a text message from Michiru thanking her for tonight, and she tells Sora that her and Tooyama agreed to stay in touch, she also says she’s so in love. Sora then lays back in her bed thinking about all that the word “love” entails.

        The next morning Sora’s mother sees her off from home, and Sora wishes that she had a younger brother or sister to stay with her mother. But, her mother tells her not to worry, go meet new people, and experience the outside world. As Sora’s plane is taking off she gets a text from Michiru telling her to hurry back after training so she won’t be so lonely. Well, That’s all for this episode.

        Well, I had been waiting for this sequel for some time now, the original Someday’s Dreamers anime has always been on of my favorite anime of all time. In the original series I was able to easily slip into the slow paced comfortable world it created and immerse myself in it’s gentle storytelling.

      So, here I go with my review of episode one of Mahō Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora (Someday’s Dreamers 2). Episode one establishes the identity and values of the main lead (Sora Suzuki) and the people she grew up with, Sora is a gentle and caring country girl with wholesome values, and she feels that her magic should be used when it’s needed. Sora’s view on the use of magic is almost identical to Yume’s (the lead from the first series) usage of her magic.

     While both series feature girls at the cusp of womanhood who possess magical powers, the magic use will be secondary to the real plot of the series. I feel that the real point to both series will be all about growing up and maturing, learning about life, meeting new people, and maybe finding someone or something to love.

      Maybe some fans of anime might find this type of storytelling boring, but I love to be slowly pulled into a story and experience the joys of discovering new things and people along with the lead characters. To me, a older anime fan, It’s like looking back at my youth in a nostalgic light, it takes me back to a time and place when visiting new cities and meeting new people was kind of like magic.