This episode begins with Ran waking up in a dark room to discover that Suga-chan’s brother, Shouhei is being kept there too.  He is badly injured and he tells Ran about a small shrine and the “three caches”, she also sends a telepathic message to Midori, Rui and Midori try to find Ran’s location while Rin goes to fetch a car. After Rin gets a taxi, he has to threaten the driver to take them to the “three caches” shrine which Rui has learned the location of by using information the Ran gives them.

      Ran tries to search for a way out of the building that she is being held in, but it’s too tightly guarded for her to escape with Suga-chan’s wounded brother. As she is searching the building she is being held in she see Shimotsuki-san trying to explain the situation to Suga-chan, he tells her that her kidnapping was a mistake. She accepts his explanation and asks to leave, but he says no, and he uses his “third eye” powers forcing her to change her mind. Ran sees all this happening and she also hears the old man say that Suga-chan looks like his daughter.


       Then Ran’s powers interacts with the old man’s mind and she is able to see into his past, he senses the intrusion and starts to head towards the room that Ran is hiding in. As Shimotsuki-san  is trying to unlock the room that is hiding Ran; Midori, Rui, and Rin head towards the temple on foot because the road is closed due to flooding on the mountain. Just before Ran is about to be attacked, Rin breaks down the door to the building and he begins to fight with Shimotsuki-san’s guards, Rui begins to treat Suga-chan’s injured brother, and Ran and Midori give chase to the old man who is trying to make off with Suga-chan.


      They follow him into the heart of the three caches shrine, there Midori and Ran confront him. Midori tells him to give up and hand over the girl, but he tells her “no way” since he’s finally able to see his Michiko again. Ran and Midori’s powers give them a direct view into how cruelly the old man and his daughter was treated because they were from the three caches clan. He tells them that he plans revenge for all the cruelty he and his family received, but Ran tells him that he is wrong, and then he shouts to them that they have no idea what it was like. Midori tells him that she understands what it’s like being called a monster, and that she even considered the idea that she was actually a monster.


      A little while later, Suga-chan has a reaction and she tells her “father” that revenge is wrong and that he has become as twisted and monstrous as those who treated them cruelly. The old man begins to attack Suga-chan, and he begins to choke the breath of from her. He begins to realize he is wrong and that he truly lost his daughter, he then releases her and rushes out of the temple and leaps off the mountainside. Before he falls to his death Suga-chan uses some internal telepathic power to save the old man from his fall,  and she brings him back inside the shrine than she collapses on his body. Just as Rui and Rin arrive in the shrine with Suga-chan injured brother the whole side of the mountain give way in a massive mudslide. Ran and Midori combine their power to spare all the people inside the building from the carnage, the building and shrine are destroyed by the mudslide.

        Later, back in their town, Ran, Rui, Midori, and Rin are sitting on the riverbank reading Reika’s brothers’ newspaper story wrapping up his investigation of Shimotsuki. After the previous events Shimotsuki-san is being investigated for kidnapping, fraud, and other crimes, and most likely he will be facing a long criminal case. Suga-chan has chosen to stay by Shimotsuki-san side to help him recover, we also learn that she has totally lost her three caches’ power, but we aren’t told whether she was really the reincarnation of Shimotsuki-san’s dead daughter or not. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        In my opinion this was the best episode of the series so far, I was kept on the edge of my seat for almost the whole episode. Unlike previous episodes Ran was truly in danger of getting hurt, and watching Rin, Rui, and Midori frantically rushing to her aid was very exciting.

      But one thing that I didn’t understand was Ran’s helplessness or her lack of willingness to use her powers to protect herself. In the early episodes when Ran and Midori were fighting with their powers, Ran displayed a tremendous level of power. But when she was cornered by Shimotsuki-san and his men all she could do is call out for help to Midori, if even just used half the power she used when fighting Midori she could have easily defeated all her attackers. I guess she’s just too nice of a person to even think about using her powers to hurt people.

        One thing that I really like about this series is Ran’s brother Rin. Rin is a big tough dude, not a 95 pound pretty boy with swan-like grace, when he decides to throw down it’s smashing down doors and a real fight with Judo and fists, he takes a punch but also gives as good as he gets.

      But in the end this episode was all about the issue of even if they call you a monster your not really one unless you act like one.