This episode begins with Sora arriving at the airport and falling asleep on the bus ride into Tokyo. After being dropped off by the bus a good deal away from where she needs to be Sora has to walk a long way to get to her location. While walking, she takes in the sights of the city, and she also has a chance to use her magic. At a intersection Sora uses her magic to stop a tanker truck from crushing two people, one of the people she saved seems knows something about magic, and when he finds out that she’s going to study magic he asks her why is she bothering to study if she can already use her magic to such a great extend?

       Sora eventually arrives at the bureau of magic, but she is late for the start of class and causes a commotion when she enters the classroom. Sora gets chewed out by the teacher (Kawada)  for being late to class. Afterwards, she has to introduce herself to the other students, and they are told that they will have a written test on basic magic. Then they get a break before the start of another class and Sora meets a girl named Yamabuki Hiori who seems kind of friendly to her.


          The first magical assignment they get is to turn a fish tank full of water into ice, Sora gets very emotional because the boy (Midorikawa-kun) she met at the intersection snubs her and she creates a very dramatic ice structure. One of the other girls wants to make it a competition between her and Sora, but the teacher tells them that magic isn’t a competition, and the goal of this training is to allow the students to decide what kind of mage they will be.


       After class Sora talks to some of the other students, and then she heads off to find the instructor’s house, students live with a instructor while attending class in Tokyo. She has to find her way to the Shimokitazawa district of Tokyo, along the way she takes in the sights and sounds of the area.

        Once Sora arrives at her instructor’s house she introduces herself to Hara (her instructor/dorm dad) and she thanks him for being her instructor. He tells her where her room is, and he tells her to rest up until dinner. Sora also finds out that other students will be staying there too. Once Sora gets to her room she sees that she’ll be staying in a room that’s decorated for a boy. Sora then opens the window to get some air and she notices that the boy from the intersection and class seems to be staying there too. Well, That’s all for this episode.

       Well, after viewing episode two we find out some more about how the magical system in this world functions, and how it governed.

1. Whether a person as the ability to use magic is determined by their DNA.

2. A person may train to use magic and be called a mage at age 16 or older.

3. A person training to be a mage must undergo one month of a live-in apprenticeship/training program.

         Now that I’ve given you the basic rules governing the system, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. What this series is really about is how Sora will react to meeting new people and experiencing new things, and how those people around her will change due to meeting her.

         Also, another key character in this series is the city itself. I know that several blogggers have expressed their displeasure over the use of real pictures/photo realistic backgrounds throughout the episodes. But, with the liberal use of these backgrounds and the weaving of music and background noises makes the city come alive, it has it’s own pulse and rhythm. I like watching Sora, a small town country girl, interacting with the sights and sounds of the city. Overall, I find this series to be a nice stress relieving distraction, it’s easy to get pulled into the ebb and flow of Sora’s awaking to the larger world around her.