This episode begins with a younger salary-man getting chewed out for insulting the firms biggest client, and he gets sent by his boss to apologize or lose his job. While the man is driving to the client’s house he experiences a host of supernatural events culminating in a female ghost appearing in his car’s backseat causing him to crash his car.


          The next morning Ran and her father are being treated to a meal cooked by Rin when Ran receives a desperate telepathic message from Midori telling her that she is at the Tsutano hospital. Ran rushes to the hospital to see Midori, where she finds out that Midori is ill from winning a pork eating contest, she won first place and $1000. As Rui and Rin also rush to her side, Midori tries to use this moment to confess to Rin but a nurse with a large injection for her and a ghost that Ran sees breaks up Midori’s big moment.


         Ran follows the ghost into the hallway with Ran and Rui following close behind, Ran is the only one in the group that can see the ghost. The ghost leads them to a room that seems to be occupied by the young man (Yoshino Tatsuhiko) from the night before. Once Midori sees that she’s been left behind she leaves the room to join them, and she get physic vibes from the man’s section chief.


      Once Ran and the others enter the room Ran gets vibes from the man and Ran sees a red face on the man’s elbow. Midori and Ran then join powers and search the face on the man’s elbow. Once they use their power they get a message asking for help from a girl who appears to be held prisoner somewhere, she asks them for help and she tells them to follow the guide. Back at Ran’s house they find a injured stranger inside and then the girls get more physic vibes from the man. The man tells them all he knows is that he has to take someone named Ran to the Kitougami house.

        The group follows the guide to the Kitougami household and along the way Rui looks up some information on the family, they were once wealthy but to tragedy befell the family and now they are considered cursed. As they get close to the Kitougami house it begins to rain, and they make their way inside where they meet a worker named Sumida, and when he asks them what they are doing here they show him the guide, and he knows him and he is named Maruzou. It turns out that the man is the estate’s doctor Satoe-san, and the group gets invited into the parlor for refreshments.

         After talking with the staff for awhile Midori and Ran see the female ghost again, and they ask Satoe if the sick person has a image of a person’s face on their body, upon hearing this she tells them to leave now. But, just then the master of the house (Yuka Kitougami) arrives and she asks what the fuss is all about? After reading Yuka’s thoughts Ran and Midori begin to asks questions about a girl, possibly her granddaughter, or maybe her sister. She gets very upset and demands to know how they know about her, and Ran and Midori tell her they saw the girl, and they tell her that they know everything about her being imprisoned.

        They end up staying the night but are warned not to eat the desert by Sumida, after their meal they hear a commotion in the hall. The doctor is missing, and the young sick girl (Yuri) is very ill, as Ran and the crew rush into the room Ran and Midori see that the face image is on Yuri’s elbow. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       Well, this episode was the start of another two part adventure with this episode setting up the mystery and leaving the solution for the next episode. But, the real meat of this series is all about the interplay between Midori and Ran. Midori is always doing things to pull Ran’s chain, and Ran is always throwing water on Midori’s self-aggrandizing.

         Again in this episode Midori is still crushing on Ran’s brother Rin, she always trying to come up with situations to be alone with Rin. This is actually pretty funny, some of her ideas are almost Rube Goldberg like in nature. I guess it would be too simple and wouldn’t help the plot if she just told Rin that she likes him and wants to be his girlfriend, if I was Rin’s age and in the same situation I’d hit it.