So, today is October 1st, and this means falling temperatures and the changeover from summer school uniforms to the winter school uniforms in Japan. In Japan most school districts set a changeover date when all students must change from the summer uniform to the winter uniform, and the most common date for the changeover is October 1st.

        This difference between the winter uniform can vary from school to school, but for the most part the uniforms become heavier and the length of the skirt becomes longer, gone for the most part are short sleeve shirts, the blouses and blazers become heavier and are long sleeved. Alas, the golden flower of youth is now in hibernation for several months. Below are a few pictures of schoolgirls real and animated wearing summer and winter uniforms, click of image to view at full size.

Here are a few pictures of what will be vanishing (the summer uniform) for a few months.

The anime version of the summer uniform.

Alas, here’s some pics of winter uniforms.

The anime version of the winter uniform.

        But, with the loss of the shorter skirts comes certain benefits such as the gain of thigh highs, tights, and the sometimes the thought provoking addition of flannel pajamas. Below are some picks of real and animated girls featuring these winter clothing additions.