This episode begins with Sora seeing Gouta heading out of the dorm house with a surfboard, and this gets her attention. Gouta gets some grief from the dorm mother (Saori) for not asking permission to do things, but Hara tells her to lighten up. Later, Sora and Gouta get their first clients, Sora’s is maned named Motohashi Mami and she requests a safe be opened, and Gouta gets a client named Yamaguchi Makoto and her request involves memories.

        Once in class the students get quizzed on whether or not they used magic before they registered for their training, and about 2/3 of the class admits that they had. The instructor forgives them for the prior use but tells them that in the future if they use magic outside a client’s needs they might be punished.


        After class, Sora and Hara head over to Sora’s client’s house to begin her first magical assignment. The woman takes Sora to a large safe/vault and asks her to open it, Sora just stands there and the woman asks her if she can use magic, and Sora tells her that opening magic is easy but why does she always lock it once a mage opens it?

       Hara tells Sora to just fulfill the woman’s request so, Sora unlocks the vault and sees that it contains photo albums from her life, Sora grabs the albums and runs off with them leading the lady outside, and she tells the lady that you need to be outside in the real world. Sora also tells the lady that locking away her memories and herself won’t bring back the dead. Later, Sora and the woman have a good conversation about life and not living alone in forced loneliness.


        That afternoon Gouta seems to have had a rough time with his magic, he thinks that he’s a total failure, but his instructor tells him magic takes time and practice. As Sora and Hara walk home they talk about her city and even though Tokyo is different she still love the feeling of the city. Well, that’s all for this episode.

         Well, the first two episodes of this series introduced us to most of the main characters and provided the series setup. Now with episode three we start to get to the heart of the matter, Sora now begins her training to become a fully certified mage.

         Sora like Yume in the first series believes that magic has a higher purpose than just fulfilling a client’s request, Sora thinks that understanding why a client wants to have something done is key to getting the real problem solved. To Sora just opening a safe over and over is a waste of time, and that there has to be a deeper issue at hand. Sora’s magic like Yume’s magic is based on emotional context; if viewers remember the first series, Yume always started her magic off with the phrase “with all my precious feelings” or something close to that, so Sora’s magic might not always be perfect it can be extremely powerful and beautiful.

        Sora finds out that the woman’s hidden treasure are her photos of the past and in protecting them the woman is barely alive, she lives in the darkness just like those photos. When Sora drags those albums into the light of day she also forces the woman to begin living again. The theme of Sora forcing the woman to begin to live her life once more can be seen in many anime series especially the Key series like, Air, Kanon, and Clannad. The moral of this episode is that it’s better to move towards the future even if it’s sad then to dwell in the darkness of the past.