After a short break one of my favorite anime of the last several years is back. So once again we fans of Clannad can now enjoy another helping of Nagisa, Kotomi, Fuko, and the rest of the gang with the premier of Clannad ~After Story~. In honor of this special occasion I post a few pics of my favorite Clannad girls. If I had to chose one to be my special girl it would come down to a choice between Nagisa or Kotomi, with Nagisa edging out Kotomi. I know that their are a lot of Tomoyo fans out there but make mine Nagisa or Kotomi. Click on picture to view at full size.

My girl Nagisa.

The uber cute Fuko

Everybody’s favorite twins Kyou & Ryou

And now for my favorite brainy girl, Kotomi. She’s one girl I wouldn’t mind discussing the big bang theory with every night.

Now, here is who I think most peoples’ favorite Clannad girl, Tomoyo.

And now the only loli in the whole series, Youhei’s younger sister Mei

And the two “MILFs” of the series, Nagisa’s mother Sanae, and Fuko’s older sister Kouko.