This episode picks up with Tomoya and Nagisa watching her father playing baseball, and later Akio tells Tomoya to help get a team together to help him in next weekends game. Tomoya asks Akio why should he help and Akio tells him that if he’s Nagisa’s boyfriend he’d better be nice to her father. So, as the second semester of school starts Tomoya goes around recruiting people to play in the baseball match.

Good advice to Tomoya “be nice to your Girlfriend’s dad”.

      At school, Nagisa and Tomoya get Youhei, Kotomi, Kyou, and Tomoyo to agree to play but they still need more players so they keep recruiting. After a bit of recruiting magic they manage to get Misae (Youhei’s dorm manager),  Yusuke (Fuko’s brother-in-law), and Mei (Youhei’s little sister) to agree to also play.

        As the game begins, the opposing team’s star player mocks Akio’s motley collection of players, but Akio tells him the game will be interesting. As the game progresses Akio’s team takes a 4-0 lead but he is injured by a flying bat and Nagisa has to replace him as the pitcher, she not very good, but so far the team manages to cover for her.

         As the game progresses the opposing team slowly begins to score runs until the have a 5-4 lead. In the last inning the home team starts to make a rally and they manage to get the bases loaded with two outs for Tomoya, he doesn’t feel he can get a hit because of his shoulder but everybody tells him to fight. As he steps to the plate he looks towards third base and sees Nagisa looking at him with trusting eyes.

        As Tomoya is swinging at the ball, the show cuts away to a victory party being held at Nagisa’s house, with everybody talking about how much fun they had winning. Well, That’s all for this episode.

       Well, slipping back into the world of Clannad was just like meeting a old friend that you haven’t seen for awhile, maybe a little awkward for a few minutes then it’s just like old times. At first I was a little doubtful about the whole baseball thing but then I realized what better way to get everyone together in just a few minutes of screen time.

      I would like to make a few observations about Nagisa and Tomoya’s relationship, first it seems that Nagisa is much more comfortable with Tomoya, she seems very relaxed when talking with him and when she has physical contact with him. Tomoya has also comes to terms with Nagisa as his girlfriend, and he no longer tries to deny it. It also seems that all of Tomoya and Nagisa’s friends no longer even question the idea of them being a couple, and they even seem to enjoy their couple-hood. The Nagisa/Tomoya pairing must be strong and solid because this will be the entire core of the ~After Story~ series. Well, until next episode make mine Nagisa or Kotomi.