This episode picks up with the young girl Yuri in really bad shape, the doctor is missing, and when they go to use the phone they find that it’s not working. When the crew searches outside the house they find that the phone line has been cut. A little while later they find out about the curse on the family; when a girl turns thirteen they will fall ill and die. The group also figures out that they were being followed by the mastermind of the plot, so they decide to split into two groups and search for evidence. Poor Midori, again she doesn’t end up with Rin, she ends up with Rui, and Ran and Rin end up together.

        Rui and Midori begin to put a lot of the pieces of the plot together, and on their way back to the house they get confronted by someone with a gun. Meanwhile, Ran and Rin go to see Yuri, and the grandmother begs them to save Yuri by letting her switch places with Yuri. She tells Ran and Rin about the curse of the Visage Scab that follows the Kitougami house.

       Ran can tell that the old lady is not telling the whole truth, and she gets a physic impression of the past from her. She (Yuka) and (Yumi) her sister were twins and their parents were worried about their daughters getting the curse, Yuka overhears her parents say that if one daughter had to get the curse they hope it’s Yuka. When Yuka hears this she grows to hate her sister, she hopes the curse will take her sister instead of her and it did. Yuka tells Rin and Ran that she wanted to end the Kitougami house and it’s curse, so she told her daughter to never come back to the house. But a few years ago her daughter and her husband were killed in a car accident and she was forced to take in her granddaughter and now the curse is on her.

      Ran and Rin catch someone spying on them and they give chase, it turns out to be the cook and he attacks them with a knife but Rin takes him down. Then the masterminds of the big plot show up bringing a tied up Rui and Midori with them, the two bosses are Satoe and the section chief from Ushio Enterprise. They tie up everyone and start a fire in the house to kill everyone to cover their theft of money from Ushio Enterprise, their plot had nothing to do with the curse on the house they just used it to help cover the theft of the cash.

         Yumi’s ghost shows up and with the combined powers of Ran and Midori along with Yumi everyone is safely transported out of the house where Yumi tells Yuka that she doesn’t hate her sister and Yuri is now safe. As Satoe and the section chief are leaving with the money they find the police waiting for them, it seems that Sumida (the teacher) was really a police detective investigating the theft of the money. Back at Ran’s house everyone is enjoying some of Rin’s cooking when they get a letter from Yuka telling them the she and Yuri are doing fine together. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, this episode concludes another two part adventure for the junior detective society, this time the mystery included a theft plot and a supernatural plot. I feel that this episode felt somewhat jumbled because of the mixing of two very different story lines. The kids almost bought the farm this time, but for the life of me I don’t understand how that Midori and Ran possessing a tremendous amount of telepathic how they get trapped so often.

         In earlier episodes Ran and Midori both displayed the ability to move objects, read minds, control people, fly, and many other thing, they don’t have some offensive self-defensive powers (like a shield, or a flying book to the head, or even forcing the gunman to turn the gun on himself). I know that they are supposed to be good girls but If their lives are threatened why can’t they use their powers to defend themselves. Oh well, I guess a show featuring junior high school kids really can’t use force even to protect themselves.