This episode begins with the Junk Doll and the girl from the dream world walking around the outside landscape, they still only have themselves as company, as the doll explores the surroundings the girl tells him to not go too far. As he walks around he sees some creatures that look like sheep, then he makes his way back to the girl, and they watches the creatures walk away.

        At school Youhei finds out that Mei is staying at Nagisa’s house because she’s worried about her brother being a second semester senior and he still has no goal for his future. Youhei makes the comment that if her had a stable girlfriend like Nagisa his sister would stop worrying about him, Tomoya thinks this is a great idea, and they should find Youhei a pretend girlfriend. The first person he runs after is Ryou who is not amused at the prospect of pretending to be his girlfriend.

      Then the focus switches to Kyou and her reaction is worse than Ryou’s reaction to Youhei. As Nagisa, Tomoya, and Youhei are walking outside they see Tomoyo and Nagisa suggests that they ask her, Youhei is kind of worried. After Tomoya and Nagisa insinuate that he’s a wimp, Youhei gathers his courage and goes to proposition Tomoyo, but to say the least, it doesn’t go very well.


         Next, the threesome heads to the library where Kotomi agrees to help, but when they try hanging out together Kotomi’s music overwhelms Youhei’s desire for a girlfriend. Then they head to the reference section to talk with Yukine, they ask her to act as his girlfriend, but just as she is about to agree a guy comes out from under the table to throttle Youhei.

        After Nagisa leaves the two guys, Tomoya tells Youhei to try something different, so Youhei tries to charm a girl but he just ends up making the girl think he proposing enjo kosai. Later, the guys run into Sanae and she offers to help with the situation, Youhei still thinks that Sanae is Nagisa’s older sister not her mother. Youhei thinks that he’s hit the pot of gold with Nagisa’s hot “older sister”, and Tomoya lets him keep thinking that she’s Nagisa’s sister.

        When Youhei tells Mei about his girlfriend that he’s dedicated his future too she is happy and wants to meet the girl he’ll marry, he says OK and he’ll have her check her schedule. At the Nagisa household we see Sanae trying on different costumes for the date, both Nagisa and Tomoya think that Sanae should reconsider the situation, and Tomoya even tells her that he has been letting Youhei think that she’s Nagisa’s sister. Sanae tells them that it’s OK, she thinks that Youhei is a nice guy and with a little push in the right direction he’ll do alright.

             As Youhei and Sanae have their first “date” Youhei is very nervous and Tomoya gets pissed off at this, but Sanae tries to help him along. As she calls him Youhei-kun and walks close to him he gets so nervous that he can’t even function, but Sanae keeps working with Youhei. Then on the big day Tomoya sends Mei to see Youhei and he gets even more nervous, he’s been slamming energy drinks all day long. While he’s using the bathroom his “date” shows up, “Sanae-chan, the schoolgirl”  is quite cute. As they interact, Mei wonders about the girl who is supposed to be his girlfriend. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, for the first time in the Clannad series we have a Youhei centered episode and I don’t know whether to applaud, laugh, or cry over this occurrence. While I always felt that Youhei deserved at least one episode about him I really feel sorry about his treatment in this episode. I know that Youhei is supposed to be comic relief and a contrast to Tomoya’s personality, I feel that he deserved better treatment.

         Youhei, if anything, has shown himself to be a stand-up guy, and loyal to a fault when it comes to his friends. So, I feel that he should have at least gotten some better consideration from the girls when it came to him needing a favor. You would think that the girls would have at least considered helping him after they realized how hard he worked to help Fuko and Nagisa in his own way.

          You would think that Tomoya would have help him in a serious way, for all the BS, Tomoya’s only real guy friend is Youhei. When I was in the army we used to pull jokes and gags on our friends, but when it really mattered or someone was desperate for a date we tried to come through. In the end, I really feel that Tomoya should have shown his friend some serious consideration with this issue, while Youhei takes the butt of a lot of gags I really think that his constant experience with rejection is bothering him inside even though he doesn’t show it.