Part two of this film begins with Rikuo questioning Sammy about her activities and he gets frustrated about the answers that she is giving him. Then at school Rikuo and Masaki go over the three laws of robotics, and Masaki tells Rikuo that there’s nothing in them that forbid androids from lying if it doesn’t violate the three laws.

        So after school they go back to the Time of Eve cafe to look and see if Sammy shows up, and while they are there they meet a cute little girl named Chei. A little while later Akiko enters the cafe and Rikuo goes to talk to her at the counter. Then Chei comes up to Akiko and Rikuo and she snatches his glasses and runs off. Then a android (?) asks Masaki not to stare at him constantly and makes a Blade Runner reference. Then the person (?) next to Masaki gets up to leave and Masaki tries to follow him but he can’t open the door to follow. Nagi tells him that the door is programed not to open for a short time after someone leaves in order to protect peoples’ privacy.

         After a short but lively conversation with Akiko, Rikuo finds out that Chei has given his glasses to Nagi so he goes to the counter to put them on and when he can see again he sees that Sammy is at the counter. She has her hair up in a ponytail :), and he reaches out and grabs the scrunchy out of her hair. Sammy runs out of the cafe with Rikuo trying to chase after her but the door locks behind her, Nagi tells Rikuo to sit down. She tells Rikuo that when Sammy first came here she was closed but now she has opened up, and she talks about her family, her worries, and her nightmares, and Nagi tells Rikuo he’s always welcome here if he follows the rules.

        When he is back at home, Rikuo talks to Masaki on his cell and he tells Masaki that he wants to go back to the Cafe, Masaki also tells Rikuo that he tried to follow that guy but lost him. Then at the end of the episode we see a woman getting a report from a agent stating that androids are starting to develop individual traits, and the woman tells him to keep observing the situation. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        This movie is becoming a very interesting mediation on the upcoming issues that will soon occur because soon humans will interact with robots and androids. The Japanese and Koreans are quickly developing lifelike robots and androids to help people with everyday tasks and even companionship, and there is even a quick discussion of The Three Laws of Robotics, and even a Blade Runner reference.

         Overall, I’ll keep watching this film as the additional parts are released, and I can’t wait for a DVD or HD disk to be made available for purchase. If your wondering where I got this copy, I purchased this copy through the DLTO section at CR.

         Soon, I’ll do a much more in-depth discussion of the Time of Eve film and the nature of future human/android interaction, it’s coming quicker than most people think or are prepared to deal with.