This episode begins with Gouta and Sora eating breakfast with their two instructor, they discuss the good foods from Sora’s and Gouta’s home regions. Then at school Sora, Hiyori, and the others discuss how their first magical outings went. Then we get to see some flashbacks of Gouta and some of his pals at school mess around over lunch and they crack some jokes about each others’ mothers and so forth, and we even get to see what his mother looks like.

       Then after class, Gouta and his instructor go to the site of his magical training assignment, his client is named Aimoto Eiji, age 32, a writer that needs a lost insurance card located. The client is a very rude and annoying guy, after the guy shows no respect to him and his instructor Gouta walks out on the client. His instructor goes after Gouta asking him if he’s gonna run away from everything that’s unpleasant in life.

        Then we see a flashback to the breakup of Gouta’s family, Gouta’s mother leaves her husband because he kept the fact hidden that he was a mage. He tells her that the reason he didn’t tell everyone was because he couldn’t use magic properly so he gave it up a long time ago. She leaves her husband for keeping this from her, and she demands that Gouta make a decision on the spot about who he wants to live with. Gouta yells to her that he can’t make such an important decision right now so she leaves both of them. we also see that Gouta loses many of his friends we they find out about his mage powers.

         We also see that Gouta changed his mind about not preforming the training and he went back and finished the assignment. Then we see that Sora passed her day hanging out with Hiyori around the town, then later that night Sora decides to join Gouta as he’s heading out to eat. While walking through the local streets Sora sees the female guitar player (Yasuko-chan) again. Sora ends up having a good time eating at the restaurant with Gouta.

       Then the next day it seems that Gouta has another training assignment, the client is Takenaka Yuuko, age 31 and is a book translator. She requests a flavored drink from her past that she can’t remember what it was, but she remembers that it was light, fluffy, sweet, and filled with reassurance and sympathy, Gouta comes up with the idea and his instructor creates the drink for her, at first she doesn’t like it but it becomes acceptable to her. Gouta told the instructor to create a glass of mother’s milk, it helped reassure the client who was going to have surgery in the hospital for cancer. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, I really enjoyed this Gouta centered episode because it cleared up a lot of issues I had about his personality. After seeing what his family situation was like I can see how he had a dislike for the practice and use of magic. His fathers long hidden magical abilities caused the breakup of Gouta’s family and the loss of several of Gouta’s friends.

       Gouta’s friends reactions to magic is totally different than Sora’s friends reactions to her magic use, Sora’s friends come to her for her magical help. I guess this stems for Sora’s beliefs that magic should be used to make people happy so Sora associates magic with happiness while Gouta association with magic means losing his family and friends.