This episode begins with Sora and Hara going to see a client named Akaike-san, who is a old woman who needs a item restored to it’s original form. The item was returned to the lady after WWII, the item was carried by the man she loved at the moment of his death. Sora uses her magic to try and repair the item but her power goes a little out of control and Hara uses his magic to help her finish the task. The item was one of the lady’s combs that she gave her lover as a gift, so it seems that he was thinking about her at the moment of his death. Afterwards, Sora thinks she failed but Hara tells her she just lacks experience and that’s why she’s in training.

        Back at home they all eat dinner together and then Gouta and Sora do dishes together, and Gouta seems to be opening up a little. That night Hara goes out on the town to what seems to be a punk rock bar, and the next day he has a hangover. At school Gouta asks Kuroda how he knows how to use magic and he tells Gouta that before he knew he was a mage he knew how to use magic, and Asagi calls him a lair. She says that even if he didn’t realize it he learned by watching his parents, this causes Gouta to think about his father. Asagi tells Gouta that it doesn’t have to be a parent you can learn from anyone who’s good at magic, so he thinks of Sora.

        Then we see Hara and Saori talking about Sora’s next magical assignment, she tells Hara that since it’s a hard one it will be good to gauge Sora’s power. Then we watch Hara wander around town and he stops in a rock club. He plays the guitar as his friend stocks the bar, and we find out that Hara was quite the rocker in his youth.

       That evening, Sora and Hara head off to the next client’s house, and Hara tells Sora that her magic is strong so just relax and concentrate. The client is a young boy who has forgotten his mother voice so the father wants Sora to awaken the boy’s (Shion) memories. It turns out that the mother (Miona) has been lying in coma in a vegetative state for over a year. Sora uses her magic on the woman and she succeeds in waking her up but she has no memory of her husband or son. Afterwards, Sora is very upset that the woman has no memories, but Hara tells her that magic isn’t perfect and it can’t solve all problems.

       After the job is over Hara stops back at the rock club and visits a young band that is about to play. He hangs out with the youngsters for a while and he listens to their hopes and dreams of the future, and this makes him ponder his youth and his future. Back at home, Sora is still having a hard time dealing with the realization that magic isn’t perfect. Well, that’s all for this episode.

      Well, in this episode we see Sora learn an important lesson about magic, while she may wish for magic to make people happy it doesn’t always work out that way. When Hara tells Sora that she completed the awaking assignment correctly magic isn’t always perfect, to an idealistic young girl like Sora this is like killing the dream. I haven’t figured out whether Hara is just a cynical old guy or Sora is just a unrealistic dreamer.

        This episode also gives us some background on Hara’s past, in his youth he was quite the guitar player and even today some of the young kids still look up to him. Maybe in future episodes we will get to see the reasons why Hara quit making music.

       Overall, I find this slow paced, slice of life anime to be quite relaxing and enjoyable. When I watch this series I find myself floating along with the characters as they experience the world around them. While this series may focus on magic, it’s almost secondary to the real point of the series. This series is all about growing up and becoming a more mature person, the characters like Gouta and Sora have to deal with unfamiliar people and new situations that force them to examine their life experiences as they change and grow.