This episode begins with Sallie and Julia urging Judy to get ready and change for the party at Princeton, Julia is torn between going to Jimmie’s party and meeting Jervis at 3pm. But, Judy is angry at Jervis for him taking her guardian’s side about her writing and her future schooling.

        As time passes Judy begins to get more upset that Jervis doesn’t understand her any longer until she breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, Jervis is waiting with flowers at the school’s gate, he hopes he can smooth things over with Judy, and 3pm passes with Judy still not meeting Jervis at the gate.

         At the Princeton party, Jimmie is dancing with Julia, when the band takes a break Jimmie pulls Sallie to the side and he asks her where Judy is? Sallie tells him that it didn’t look like she wanted to attend, Sallie suggests that it might be because he didn’t send Judy a invitation. Jimmie tells Sallie that he sent Judy her invitation first, and that he only sent Julia a invitation because Judy wanted him to send her one. Just as he’s saying this, Judy is listening from a distant and Julia overhears the whole conversation, Julia is shocked and drops her glass.

       Julie is in tears of rage and embarasment over how she was treated and how half the party now knows, Judy tries to talk to Julia but she Just tells Judy, how would you feel if someone treated you that way. She goes off on Jimmie about how she knows that he likes Judy but she thought that he sent her an invitation out of courtesy, and she hoped that being around him would make him change his mind about her, Julia also asks Jimmie “are you a man”? Meaning how could he treat a young lady this way.

        After a moment of inner thought Jimmie agrees with Julia about how he treated her, he begs her for her  forgiveness, and he also apologizes to Judy for putting her in this situation. Back at the school, Jervis is still waiting for Judy, and it’s getting late. When Judy realizes it’s 5pm she rushes from the party back to the school but Jervis is gone. But he left flowers with the dorm mother miss Sloan, once Judy realizes that she wanted to she Jervis she runs to her room and cries herself to sleep.

       A few days later Judy gets a package from Jervis, it contains a copy of her novel with editing suggestions, and a letter from Jervis telling her to write a great novel. Later, Julia tells Judy that she’s calling Jervis and if she wants to talk to him she can join her on the phone. After Julia calls Jervis she hands the phone to Judy and leaves, Judy tells Jervis that she wants to see him in New York but he tells her no, he tells her he’s busy and he’ll call her, Judy thinks it’s over and she apologies to him and hangs up the phone.

        Later, Judy sits on her bed and thinks about her relationship with Jervis and all the good times she had with him. Judy then comes to the conclusion that Jervis doesn’t like her because they live in two very different worlds, and then she symbolically tosses her novel in the trash, ending their relationship. Later that evening Jervis is at a business dinner and it seems that he’s been setup on a blind date but he’s not having a good time. He looks at his watch and leaves the dinner abruptly making the excuse that he has a important matter to look into.

          Later that afternoon, Sallie and Julia are playing basketball when Julia notices Judy by herself. Julia asks Judy if she’s going to see Jervis, and Judy tells her that Jervis was too busy, Julia tells Judy that Jervis likes her and he’s just making an excuse. With a look of utter depression Judy tells Julia that it’s OK and she needs to hunker down and study hard for college. As this is occurring, Jervis is trying to get through to the school but miss Sloan is on the phone, and eventually he gives up on trying to call Judy. Well, that’s all for this episode.

          Well, this episode opened the taps, and the melodrama and tears flowed like a raging river, God this is why I like classic shoujo. I could really understand the raw pain and emotions that both Julia and Judy experienced in this episode. When the series first started Julia was a spoiled rich girl, but as the years have progressed she has matured greatly, she might still be rich but she is now a very nice girl. Jimmie has also finally realized how much pain and distress he caused Julia and Judy, and for him the phrase “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need” might apply here.

          Now for Judy and Jervis, Judy loves Jervis but she feels that due to her screw ups, and her perceived class differences with Jervis, their relationship it’s over. Jervis strongly likes (maybe loves) Judy but due to his trying to guide Judy’s future course might have damaged what he liked in Judy, her always cheerful try hard nature. In the end their relationship problems are caused by them not being able to express their honest feeling towards each other. Once Judy comes to realize that she has worth beyond her class she’ll be able to tell Jervis that I’m Judy and I love you regardless of who I am, or who you are. Also, once Jervis can tell Judy that because he loves her so much he might have been a little more worried about her future then he should have been, then everything will be right with the world.

          Tears, pain, longing, misunderstandings, joy, redemption, and the need to be loved by someone is why I love the shoujo classics like Daddy Long Legs, Candy Candy, Princess Knight, and The Rose of Versailles. Sometimes when I watch modern anime with it’s lolicon, moe, and harem themes; and it’s stories that are super micro-targeted to a specific group of otaku, I look towards the “classics” to see how badly the modern art of anime storytelling has fallen.