This episode begins with Sora still being depressed about her magical assignment from the other night, she still can’t accept Hara’s advise that magic is not perfect. Gouta notices that Sora not in a lively mood but doesn’t know what to do. Also, the kids at school seem to be trying to organise a get together after school, Asagi wants to go to Sora’s end of town for some shopping and Hiyori-chan also wants to come along. Gouta also talks to Sora after class and he tells Sora that he misses her smile.


        Later that afternoon, Sora and the other two girls meet at a cafe near Sora’s house for some food and conversation. As the girls are walking up to Sora’s house they meet a little girl (Ruriko) who has a magical request, she wants a baby. Asagi suggests that she should talk to her mother and father, but the girl tells them that her real mother is dead and she has a scary step-mother and step sister. When Ruriko-chan finds out that the three girls are mages she asks for a baby and she also asks them where their brooms are?


        When Asagi tells the girl that she hasn’t heard of a magic to create babies the girl runs off saying that she’ll just steal a baby from a nursery. Sora convinces the other two girls to help her look for the little girl. After searching for a long time they can’t find the girl so they discuss using magic without a request, but they can’t decide on what kind of magic to use. So the girls decide to check places that have children to see if one is missing, but they eventually find that the girl lives at the cafe that they ate at earlier.


      Once they talk to her, Sora asks her what she would do if she had a baby and she tells them that she would play with her. They find out that the girl was not telling them the truth about a dead mother and the scary step-mother and step-sister, and It turns out that the girl had a friend with a little sister that she made angry so Sora suggests that the friendship can be patched up. Later, Hiyori tells Sora that this was the first time she has done something with mage friends. At dinner Gouta notices that Sora is in a much better mood, and then Gouta gets a text from Kuroda saying that he’s quitting the mage program. Well, that’s all for this episode.

       This episode was a little different from the previous episode in the respect that preforming magic was not really featured other than watching Gouta doing a little practice in his room. This episode was all about friendship and what it means to have friends, and also this episode is about who is attracted to who.

      We can clearly see that Kuroda is attracted to Asagi but she won’t give him the time of day, and we can also see that Hiyori is attracted to Gouta but he’s too busy trying to improve his very meager skills to have much time for anything else.

      Friendship, this was clearly the main topic of the episode. Last episode we saw that Asagi wanted in on Sora’s and Hiyori’s outings together, at first Asagi was a little standoffish and arrogant, but she’s come around to the other girls. Hiyori and Sora have started to develop a friendship, but Sora really had never thought about it until Hiyori mentioned it at the end of the episode. Also, the whole drama with the little girl was caused by her temporary breakup with her girlfriend. The issue of family and friends is also brought into focus by the act of Sora, Gouta, Hara, and Saori eating together. Other than the first episode, the act of eating together is either shown or talked about at least once per episode.