This episode begins with Ran getting ready for a date with Rui when Midori butts into her thoughts and she tries to invite herself along but Ran tries to keep it between just her and Rui. Ran meets Rui at a market and guess who shows up? Midori. As Ran and Midori are arguing Rui sees a ghostly apparition of a woman wearing a Kimono, Ran and Midori notices something strange with Rui but neither of them can see the woman. Rui proceeds to run to the area he saw the woman at, but instead they find a man selling stuff, he offers Rui a old letter box. He tells Rui that he doesn’t want his money, because he only wants to help Okae.

         Once the vendor gives Rui the box he runs off in fear, Midori takes the box from Rui and tries to open it but she fails. Then Rui opens the box with little effort, and he finds that the box contains a very old and ornate comb. When Rui takes out the comb he disappears inside a vanishing orb in front of Ran and Midori. Rui is transported to somewhere else in the past where he sees a demon attacking the girl who he saw earlier, and when he tries to intervene he passes out. Back in the normal world, Ran is very upset over Rui’s vanishing, while Midori tries to open the letter box that closed once Rui vanished.

       Once Rin arrives, he tries to help Ran and Midori figure out what happened to Rui. Back in the past, Rui awakens and meets a girl who is called Ran but she tells him to call her Okimi, Okimi sees her master coming and hides Rui back inside his room. The master enters the room and begins to question Rui, it seems that Rui appeared out of nowhere in front of the master and his helper, holding on to a comb owned by the master. Rui seems to not remember anything about his past from the real world.

       After talking with the master, Rui asks to be hired to work there until he can remember where he came from, and after a little thought the master (Narukoya Kichibee) agrees to let Rui stay as long has he doesn’t wander around. The master tells Rui If he needs any help he should ask Okimi, and he also tells Rui that Okimi can’t speak but she can hear just fine. Before he leaves he asks Rui what happened to the other comb since there was a set of them, but Rui doesn’t know.

         Later, Rui draws a picture of a girl for Okimi, and it turns out to be the girl that summoned Rui and she is also Okimi’s sister. After seeing the picture Okimi tells Rui the story of her father (a comb maker) who was murdered by a darkness demon, her sister’s disappearance while working for Narukoya, and how Okimi (Ran) also came to work here. It seems that Okimi/Ran has powers similar to the other Ran but weaker, while talking Okimi hears noises outside but Rui looks and tells her no one is there. As Okimi is leaving she tells Rui to be careful because they might be watching him.

           After Okimi leaves, it appears that Rui does remember the real world and he figures out that he was summoned for a special purpose like Midori and Ran have been. Back in the present day, Ran and Midori try to figure out the mystery of the box while Rin tries to locate the vendor that gave Rui the letter box. Well, that’s all for this episode.


       Well, this episode begins a Rui centered story arc, in previous episodes we have seen adventures that were centered around Ran and Midori. So, I guess that it’s only natural that we get a Rui adventure and probably a Rin centered adventure in the future.

      While these adventures are interesting on their own, but I feel that these type of episodes are used to flesh out the characters individual personalities and their relationships with the other characters. While we all know how Ran feels about Rui, the next episode will probably establish how Rui feels about the present day Ran while he is separated from her. It will also be interesting to see is there any linkage between Okimi/Ran of the past and the present day Ran since Okimi seems to have weaker but similar power to the present day Ran.