This episode picks up with Sanae introducing herself to Mei, and after a short inspection she hugs Sanae telling her she feels sorry for her. As Mei is observing Youhei and Sanae on their date she can’t help having the feeling that she’s meet her brother’s girlfriend before. Youhei takes Sanae around town for their date but he seems to do everything wrong. As the evening draws near, an argument between some kids takes place and it looks like Mei is waiting for her brother to do something, but when he does nothing Mei looks really disappointed. Sanae goes over to help them and she finds out that a brother and a sister are lost, so she wants to take them home but Youhei is upset that she taking time out of their date.

         The next day at school Youhei is very happy about his date with Sanae and he even tells Tomoya about the dreams that he had when he was a kid. Tomoya tells Youhei that Mei is still worried about him even though he has found such a nice girlfriend because he hasn’t really changed. At lunch, Youhei tells Tomoya that he’s so in love with Sanae that if he was to marry Sanae, and Tomoya and Nagisa were to get married they would be brothers. When Tomoya tells Nagisa about the situation they wonder if the whole plan is having the opposite effect they wanted it to have, Youhei tells Nagisa that the idiot is totally out of control. As Nagisa and Tomoya are leaving the school Mei is waiting for them because she is still worried about him.

       At Youhei’s apartment, Mei is concerned about Youhei but he tells her that she should be a good sister and go home, but Mei says that she is not leaving yet, she tells him that she still has something to do. She gets angry with him and she tells him that she really came here to meet someone that she loves and is nice to her, then she runs out of the room. Nagisa goes after her and Tomoya asks Youhei if he’s going to go after her in case the guy she’s meeting is a scumbag but he says that it’s up to the person to choose who they love. So, Tomoya leaves Youhei’s room to follow Nagisa and Mei, as Tomoya is walking up to them Mei thinks that her brother has followed her but she sees that it’s only Tomoya.

       Back at Nagisa’s place, Tomoya tells Mei that she might have went overboard, but Mei tells them that she can’t stand seeing him that way, she wanted him to come after her, or even hit her. When she was little she would get picked on by older boys and her brother was always there for her, he was even very good at soccer and everyone could count on him, and her old brother would have never stood by and watched a girl get picked on, Mei wants he old brother back. Mei then asks Nagisa and Tomoya if that girlfriend is fake? Tomoya tells her that he thought she would figure it out sooner or later, and Nagisa admits that her mother is role playing as the girlfriend. Mei tells them that she thinks that her brother is totally hopeless.

        Later, as Sanae is getting ready for another date with Youhei, Nagisa’s father walks in and instantly recognizes his wife even thought she’s wearing the school uniform. While they distract Akio, Sanae sneaks out to have her date with Youhei, and they leave Nagisa at home to keep her father busy. Mei and Tomoya can’t seem to find Youhei and Sanae so Tomoya takes Mei around town and after she says that she wishes he could be her brother he tells her to go ahead and pretend that he’s her brother. Tomoya gets embarrassed by Mei calling him onii-chan all the time, and just as he’s telling her not to call him that Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi walk up on them and they get the wrong idea about the whole situation. After the girls leave, Mei plays up the whole onii-chan thing and gets Tomoya to do everything she wanted to do with her brother including buying her a $20 crepe, and having their picture taken.

Mei’s power of persuasion.

         Just as Mei and Tomoya are looking over their pictures they run into Youhei, Tomoya asks Youhei what he’s doing, and he tells them that he’s coming from his date with Sanae. When Youhei asks them what they are doing, Tomoya puts his arm around Mei and he tells Youhei that he is really Mei-chan’s boyfriend. He even tells Youhei that Mei was alone with him last night, and Mei says that this was true. Tomoya and Mei turn and walk away from him, Mei is hoping that he’ll say something but he doesn’t, he looks upset but he just says to himself that he guesses that this is the way it’s going to be. At Nagisa’s house, Tomoya tells Nagisa that he was trying to get a brotherly reaction out of Youhei, and then Mei tells them that she guesses that her brother no longer cares about her. Tomoya suggests that Mei return home but she says no, things can’t stay this way, she wants Tomoya to get her brother to rejoin the soccer team and maybe he’ll return to his old self. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, this episode was very tough for me to review, I watched and wrote the episode summary several days ago but there it sat. So today I re-watched the episode before attempting to write the review portion of this post.

       Throughout the original Clannad series I came to really like Youhei as a supporting character, while he did a lot of silly stuff that served as comic relief balancing the more serious nature of the series, he really was a loyal and stand up guy. So the past two episodes really made me reconsider my opinion of Youhei, at many points in the series I felt sorry for and even had pity for Youhei when it came to his failings with the fairer sex. But after watching this episode I became very angry at Youhei because of the indifference he has shown towards his sister Mei.

        Mei is very concerned about her brother’s lack of drive or caring about the future, but she is even more concerned about what her brother has turned into. Mei is shocked when she sees her brother ignore the situation involving the brother and sister being bullied by the other kids, the Youhei of her past would always defend her no matter what, and now it seems to her that he could careless about anything but himself. Youhei’s selfishness or apathy has lead Mei to believe that her brother no longer cares for her, I think that Youhei’s worst moment came when Tomoya and Mei insinuated that they are boyfriend and girlfriend and that Mei even spent the night with him, Mei expected at least some reaction out of him but he did nothing.

       My major question is what the hell happened to Youhei to change him, and I’ve always wondered why he was living away from his family? Hopefully, in the next several episodes he’ll be able to redeem himself in the eyes of his sister and his friends.