This episode begins with us getting to see Kuroda’s first two attempts at his training assignments, and they don’t go very well. Kuroda is very self-confident around his classmates but when he gets around the clients his magic doesn’t go well and he has trouble dealing with people.


        Then we get to see what happened between Asagi and Kuroda after the girls went home after visiting Sora. Asagi gets a call from Kuroda, he wants to meet her at a train station. When she gets there he wants to spend time with her, too me it seems like he wants it to be like a date with her. He takes her to a place called Nakano Broadway, it is comprised of four floors of quirky shops and high class apartments. Asagi seems to have a good time with him but she comments that his tastes are closer to Hiyori-chan’s. As the shops are closing she asks him if he wants to say something to her, but all he does is complain about his clients, Asagi gets angry at him and tells him that he is arrogant towards others. Kuroda tells her that she is the same as him but she says that while she does care about her own feelings she does respect and care how others feel, and then she walks off on him.

         The next day as Sora and Gouta are walking to the train station, Gouta asks Sora if she’s ever thought about quitting and going home because he has? Sora tells Gouta that he’s changed, he’s became more mature almost like an adult. At school the kids talk about Kuroda deciding to quit the program and weather they should go visit him, and they talk about how everyone thought he would have it easy. Asagi says that it’s guys like him, people that think they are full of confidence that take failing once or twice very hard.

         Back at Sora’s training house, Sora becomes ill with a bad cold and fever and they have to decide whether to let her rest or take her to the hospital, for now they decide to let her rest. So, Gouta decides to go and see Kuroda without Sora, and along the way he meets Yasuko (the female singer that Sora likes). Later, Hiyori joins Gouta for the trip to visit Kuroda, and once they get there they try to get him to come out of his room, then Asagi shows up and demands that he come out of his room now.

         Asagi yells at Kuroda telling him that she could understand it if it was Gouta who quit because he doesn’t understand magic, but she tells Kuroda that he never really put any effort into his magic or trying to understand people. She also tells him that humans fail, but he tries to argue that he wasn’t wrong. She tells him that at times magic will fail because it comes from humans, and that the important thing is that after a failure you pick yourself up and more on, and that if he runs away now he’ll keep running away. As she’s leaving, she asks him where is that is cocky confidant person that she first meet in school, Kuroda breaks down in tears in side his room but he still doesn’t let them inside.

        While the three kids are waiting at the train station Gouta texts Sora about what happened, and Hiyori tells Gouta that he’s nice and kind. Hiyori seems pretty happy that she’s near Gouta since it’s pretty clear that she’s been attracted to him from the beginning. Gouta tells the two girls that he hopes that Kuroda will change his mind about quitting. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, this episode was a Kuroda centered episode but the episode was really about learning to pick yourself off the ground when you fail. When we first meet Kuroda he was very self-confident almost to the point of being arrogant and condescending. Maybe the reason for this was because he has never failed or maybe because he’s always been better than everyone he’s meet before, or as Asagi might conclude, his outward projection is because he doesn’t care or respect how others feel.

       But, my assumption would be is that his arrogant personality is a defense mechanism because he’s not good at relating to people and he really lacks the self-confidence to express how he really feels. This can be demonstrated by how he was unable to tell Asagi how he felt about her when she asked him if he had anything he wanted to tell her. From the beginning of the series you could see that he was attracted to Asagi, you could see how he always looked at her and how he tried to talk to her but he was just too quiet to be noticed. Well, I for one hope that he can pick his ass off the ground and get back to school.