This episode begins with everyone eating a meal of fish cooked by Gouta and Sora makes the Miso soup. Sora has recovered for her illness and will be going back to school with Gouta today. Once they get to school they notice that Kuroda still has not returned to class, Sora and Hiyori both hope that he will return to school soon, but Gouta says that he’ll return if the time is right, and Asagi chimes in with the assertion that if he can learn to deal with his failures he’ll come back.

      As the class is about to start, the teacher gets interrupted by a request from the ministry of magic, it seems that a huge pod of dolphins has beached themselves near Tokyo and the ministry requests that the trainees help the rescue workers. The students are give a map to the rescue site and are told to take the train there, the students are accompanied by one instructor. During the train ride to the rescue site they talk about their dreams of the future; Hiyori dreams of opening up a magical branch office in her home town, Asagi dreams of becoming a diplomat so Japan can have better relationship with other Asia nations, Sora dreams of just becoming a mage, Gouta dreams of becoming a professional surfer and traveling the world, and Asagi says that Kuroda told her his dream was to work for the Japanese defense industry.

        Once they arrive at the beach they are given a copy of the magical authorization form, it states that they may use their magic to transport the dolphins far out to the sea so they won’t return to the shore. So, the students head to the shore to begin saving the dolphins, and there are over 100 of them to save. The general plan is to encase the dolphins in a globe of water then move that globe of water very far from the shore so that the dolphins won’t rebeach themselves.

       Enclosing the dolphins in water then moving them such a great distant is very hard work and requires a tremendous amount of concentration. Hiyori seems to do OK but it’s a tough go for her, and Asagi has a tough time until Kuroda shows up and they work side by side. Gouta, while he is slowly learning to use magic, he still doesn’t have the skill to he able to properly control and tap his internal power, but Sora walks up to him and takes his hand and tells him that she’ll use her power to unlock his magical abilities, and soon Gouta is doing just fine.

Asagi’s magic

Hiyori’s magic

Gouta’s magic


        After the rescue is finished the kids are very tired and return to their homes for the evening. Gouta is so tired that he’s sleeping at the dinner table, Hara and Saori thank Sora for helping Gouta, Sora tells them that she was worried about Gouta quiting the program. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Overall this episode was very simple in nature, and only two important things occurred over the course of the thirty minutes. This whole episode was centered around the premise of the whole class of trainees being summoned to help rescue a large pod of beached dolphins.

         On their way to the scene the four main students discuss their hopes and dreams, Sora’s and Hiyori’s dreams are pretty simple and probably easy to achieve while Gouta’s and Asagi’s are more complicated and much more difficult to achieve.

        But the two important events that happened in this episode was first and foremost the return of Kuroda to the training program, he shows up at the beach to help Asagi with her magic, I guess he decided to stop running away from his failings. The second important thing that happened was that Gouta was finally able to access his magical abilities with the help of Sora. When Sora saw Gouta having difficulties with his magic she used the same method that Hara used to help her, she used her own magic to help channel and control Gouta’s untrained magical abilities.

      Also two nice but minor things occurred in this episode; firstly it was nice to see Gouta to smile, the smile he had on his face after his first sucessful use of magic was the first smile that I’ve seen on his face. Secondly, it was interesting to see the students having to save the dolphins, I don’t know if there’s a connectionm, but in the first series a dolphin always appeared when Yume used her magical powers.

         This series continues to impress me with it’s emphasis on plot and character development, and I really love the way this series is animated. I know that this slow paced slice of life style is not for every anime fan but if you want something a little slower where you really get to know the characters than this series is for you, and if it’s not your style than please stay away it will put you to sleep.