This episode begins with Rui having dreams of everything that has taken place in the past 24 hours or so. When he wakes up in the middle of the night someone grabs him from behind and questions him about the comb and why he’s here, and when the questioner finds out that Rui knows nothing he disappears back into the night.

       Back at home Ran and Midori are awaken by a telephone call from Rin, he’s managed to locate the guy who sold Rui the box, Ran runs out of the house with Midori giving chase.  Once Ran arrives at Rin’s location she quickly verifies that Rin has the right guy, Ran demands to know where he got the box from, he shows Ran and Midori a old warehouse that contains an old chest where he found the box. Once Ran and Midori get close to the chest they get a telepathic impression from the chest, Midori speculates that the chest must be some kind of portal.

      Back in the Edo period Rui gets questioned by the master about his memory, and he also gets told that Okimi has been replaced by another girl because her father is ill. Rui knows that he is being lied too because Okimi told him the other day that her father was murdered. Later on, Rin locks Ran and Midori inside warehouse so they can use the portal, Midori tells Ran that traveling back in time and returning will be difficult but they probably have enough power to do it. Midori and Ran use the letter box and their powers to open the chest and activate the portal transporting them back in time.

      Back in the Edo period Rui confronts the gardener about his late nigh visit but they are both soon drawn to a inner room inside the main house where they witness Kisuke transforming into the darkness demon, but Rui gets caught spying. As Rui is about to be attacked a portal opens above the scene and Ran and Midori drop into the courtyard saving Rui for now. Ran and Rui have an emotional reunion with Rui thanking Ran for coming for him.

        After their reunion, Midori uses her powers to determine that the gardener is really a Constable, he thinks that Ran and Midori are witches because of their powers. Ran tells Rui that they’ll be going back home but Rui tells the girls that if he doesn’t help Okimi then all this trouble would be for nothing. The three of them are lead to the storehouse by the Constable, he tells them that this is the only place a person could be held. When they get inside the storehouse they climb down a latter where they find Okimi/the other Ran, and constable gives her a antidote for the poison that she was given. As Okimi is recovering, the master pulls up the latter trapping the five of them in the basement. He tells them that they can enjoy their eternal stay and that he’ll dispose of them in one shot, but the constable shows him a vial and he tells him that he knows about his darkness demon powers.

       It turns out that the master has been growing darkness demon inside the chest and they he was selling them to the highest bidders, he was using hollowed out combs to deliver the deadly demons to the victims, and Okimi’s father was killed because he found out about the plot. The master takes the letter box and pours out a blue substance into the basement that turns into a gas but Ran and Midori use their power to escape the basement and they give chase to the master.

         Once they confront the master he calls out his estate guards, and they prepare to attack the group. As the Constable is handling the guards the rest of the group goes after the master because they must destroy the darkness demon. Rui asks Ran and Midori to lend him their powers since he can see the true form of the demon, so the three of them attack the master/monster and once he is surrounded by their power the darkness demon’s form is revealed to everyone. After the master is forced to give up the location of Okimi’s sister their combined powers destroy the darkness demon, too Okimi’s great sadness her sister Okae is already dead and buried under the main house.


         After Okimi recovers her father’s comb from the master she presents it to Rui with her thanks. Once the two combs are placed together they react with each other and open a portal transporting the three kids back to the present day. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        Well, this episode wraps up a two episode Rui centered story arc and I found this episode to be a very enjoyable 30 minutes. The more I watch of this series the more I come to appreciate Telepathy Shojo Ran, while this series features two girls with magical/telepathic powers they are normal in every other way. Both Ran and Midori are cute for thirteen year old girls but it isn’t taken to the point where they exhibit any Moe or Loli traits.

        Also, the family relationships of the main characters are pretty normal as far as anime goes, Ran lives with a mother and father that both have fairly normal jobs, and she has a older brother Rin and they get along fine and there is no imouto/onii-chan complex, they both respect and care for each other. Midori, while she may live alone, her place is neither messy like Youhei’s place is in the Clannad series, or is it the source of gatherings everyday like in Minami-ke series. Rui lives with his father who is a caring and loving father, we haven’t yet found out about his mother, but there is no conflict like Tomoya has with his father in Clannad.

        I also find the personalities or the main characters to be pretty normal as far as anime goes. Midori is sassy and self-confidant, she has a serious crush on Ran’s brother but she never throws herself at him in improper ways like so many anime girls do, she would be overjoyed if she could just get some alone time with him, and she probably would be happy for a week if she got a little handholding. Ran and Rui are a couple and their relationship is proper for kids who are only 13, a little handholding, a few blush filled glances, and their dates consists of going to flea markets and doing window shopping. Ran’s older brother Rin is a big tough guy, he’s on the Judo team, but he’s not a super skinny pretty boy who looks as cute as a girl, he’s a caring older brother but he doesn’t treat Ran like a porcelain doll. What is Rin’s status with the much younger Midori who is really crushing on him? Well he’s not a dumb guy so he probably notices this but he’s never done anything other than being nice and kind to her, if he has any attraction to Midori he’s never show it, and even if he’s not attracted to her he probably wouldn’t do anything to hurt her, but if a relationship did develop between them I’m sure he’d be a decent guy.

        Overall I find this anime to be a great series for it’s targeted demographic, nice clean characters, good script writing, average to above average animation quality, and the adventures have just enough danger in them to be enjoyable without all the blood and gore found in a lot of current anime.