This episode begins with Judy thinking over her failed romance with Jervis, and she has a terrible dream about her confessing her love to Jervis in New York with her orphan background coming back to haunt her. Judy is so upset over her lost love that she even goes to church to pray, and when Julia and Sallie see her so sad Julia tries to help but Judy just runs off in tears.

       When Judy checks her mail she finds a rejection notice from her publisher explaining that the product she sent in is not up to snuff, and she thinks back to Jervis’s suggestions for improvement. Judy decides to call Jervis because she realizes that her fears about him can’t be true, he would never be like that, but she can’t reach him because he’s on a business trip. Judy gets caught using the phone by Miss Sloan but Julia covers for her. Later, Julia tells Judy to forget Jervis because he just got introduced to the daughter of another bank owner so Julia says that it will probably be a corporate marriage of convenience. Judy tries to blow it off by saying that she never had any feelings for him, and that she was sad about her novel being rejected.


       But inside her room Judy has a good cry, and then she asks herself how did a orphan like her expect anything other than what happened? Then Judy reminisces about her experiences with Jervis over the last three years, and concludes that she is alone again just like when she started. Judy tries to concentrate on her school studies but she is still distracted about her broken relationship with Jervis. Then Judy receives a letter from Jervis and just as she is about to throw the letter in the trash she gets called to the office.


      Once there she finds out that she has received a letter from her guardian, it contains a check for $100 and he says that if Judy will continue to accept his support throughout high school he’ll drop his objection to her applying for a college scholarship. He also says that the check is a gift for all her hard work she’s done in school, this really lifts Judy’s spirits and makes her really happy. Judy then writes her guardian a heartfelt letter of thanks for his support, and she also tells him she lost her dearest friend but she still has her good friends Sallie and Julia. Then Judy decides to write a farewell letter to Jervis so she opens his letter, and in a written note Jervis says he’s sorry for all the misunderstandings and he wants to meet her a 5pm at the back gate, Judy rushes off to meet him but she’s very late.


       When she gets there he’s not at the gate and as Judy is standing there under a street light a car pulls up and Jervis gets out. Judy rushes into Jervis’s arms where she tells him that she cares for and loves him, and he tells her that he loves her too. Judy asks about his arraigned marriage and he tells her that she turned him down before he could do the same. Jervis then takes Judy into his arms and kisses her and then Judy kisses him back, and they stand under the street lights embracing each other. Well, that’s all for this episode.

         After watching this episode of Daddy Long Legs I’m reminded of why I love old school shojo anime so much. This episode brings out or at least confirms the feelings that Judy and Jervis have for each other to the forefront. While Judy tried to come up with reasons that she and Jervis could never be together, such as age, class, and so forth, deep down in her heart she loved Jervis, and the more she tried to deny those feelings the more sad she became.

         Jervis has been attracted to Judy for some time, but he always seemed to hurt her when he tried to be a combination of a close friend and a father figure to her. He spoke more about his concerns for Judy’s future than he truly listened to her hopes and dreams, and as he tried to have her take a more conservative path Judy lost her luster and shine. But I think that Jervis was finely able to put his worries aside and just say I love you to Judy.

       This is classic old school shojo of the highest order, girl loves boy but is unsure or her feelings until it’s almost too late, boy loves girl but he can’t figure it out until he’s almost lost her for good, differences in upbringing and class that seem almost to large to bridge, then it’s all made better with the words “I love you” and a kiss.