This episode begins with Sora talking with her friend for back home and the issue of whether Sora has found a boyfriend yet comes up. Then Gouta tells Sora that he will take her somewhere in order to show his appreciation for Sora helping him use his powers for the first time.

        So they board a train and Gouta tells Sora that he’s taking her to the sea, and while there are on the train Sora’s says that it looks like there are on a date, Gouta says you don’t have to say “it looks like”. When the get to the sea they do a lot of fun things and they talk about life and magic. Sora asks why Gouta has stopped surfing for now, and he tells her that he can’t use it as an excuse to avoid magic. As Sora and Gouta are walking they start holding hands. Later, Gouta gets a call from Hiyori asking him if he wants to meet her to hang out, but Gouta tells her he’s at the beach with Sora.

       They spend more time by the seaside then they find a lost little boy and they help him find his mother, after the boy (Sota) is returned to his mother Sora and Gouta joke about his name is made up of parts of both their names. After they return the child they do some window shopping, visit a temple, and get their  fortunes, then Gouta takes Sora to the place he wanted to show her. Gouta takes Sora to a restaurant that’s built on a cliff that overlooks the sea, it has a spectacular view of the ocean. As the sun is setting Sora takes Gouta’s hand a places a beautiful gemstone that she found by the sea inside his hand telling him that this gem of the sea is her gift to him.

       Before Sora and Gouta head back home they share a kiss at twilight on a observation deck, and then next day Sora and Gouta are openly holding hands in public. At school the news of Sora and Gouta going to the beach has made it around to everybody, and Gouta gets congratulated by other students for finally being able to use his powers on the dolphin rescue mission. After school a nasty thunderstorm hits the area and when Gouta gets home he views Sora and Hara in a suspicious looking situation from a distance.

      Gouta starts thinking bad thoughts about Sora so as soon as the rain has stopped he wanders around town in a bad mood doing things just to kill time. Then Gouta wanders into a bar (the same one Hara hangs out at) and he orders a strong drink but he gets only served tea, and then he tells the bartender he has nowhere to go back to tonight, the bartender asks Gouta if he wants some food and he says yes. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        This was a really bittersweet episode, the sweet part was watching the budding relationship between Gouta and Sora and it reawaken feelings of melancholy inside me. It made me long for those innocent days of my youth when there was magic in the simple acts of holding your girlfriend’s hand for the first time, and sneaking that first tentative kiss, ahhhhh, to return to sweet days of youth.

       But after drinking in the sweetness of the first part of the episode I felt a slightly bitter aftertaste creeping into my palette. Now it all starts to make sense to me, and I don’t think that I like where it’s heading. Sora’s dead father, her sudden illness, and her mother and friend telling her not to over do it, somethings very wrong with Sora. I know that this is going to tear me up because Sora is one of those perfect girls that can only exist in manga and anime, she a ray of sunshine, and she everything that’s you  right with the world. When I watch Sora’s good and cheerful nature it’s like taking a drink of sweet tea after a long hot day, so as the last three episode come to pass I’ll probably need some tissue paper.