Well, another Halloween is upon us anime fans and we should all rejoice in this once a year opportunity to freely express your wildest cosplay ideas other than at a convention without the questioning glances. Also one of the better aspects of this holiday is all the free goodies you can receive if you still at that age where you still can go trick or treating.

       As you get older, Halloween is one of those holidays where you actually get to have more fun. When you get to your adult Halloween party you get all sorts of good treats such as candy and jello shots, and nothing makes a party more fun than skimpy costumes, and lots of “juice”.

      Below are some Halloween anime and manga themed pictures, and further down you’ll find some suggested Halloween cosplay ideas. Click on Images to view at full size.

Some suggested Halloween cosplay.

       And one final word of advise girls, when your leaving the party never leave alone make sure you take a guy with you or you may run into the following creature, and you know what happens if you get caught by it.