November 2008


     My next entry in my cute girl/Japanese idol category will be Leah Dizon. Leah was born in Las Vegas on 24 September 1986, and after graduating high school she moved to Los Angeles to begin a modeling career. She started her modeling career as a race queen model for imported cars, and she became very popular in Asia, so in 2006 she moved to Japan to continue her career.

      Once in Japan, Leah released a photobook titled Petite Amie which became the third best selling photobook in Japan for 2006 & 2007. Leah soon released a string of music singles and albums which were quite popular in Japan, In October 2008 Leah’s agent released a statement saying that Leah was four months pregnant and had married a Japanese stylist, making her a future first class M%LF. Leah’s agent also stated that Leah will be making a comeback after the birth of her child.

       Leah’s vital stats are; age 22, height 5′ 6”, weight 115lbs, 34-25-36. Leah is part French, Chinese, and Filipino making her sweet. Below are some pics from her first photobook, click on picture to view at full size, enjoy!






         This episode begins with Rin deciding that since Ran has super powers he must also have some hidden power, so he spends most of the day bothering Ran with his attempts to unlock his powers. Rin keeps trying until Ran reminds him that Midori will be watching his next match so he should be practicing Judo or he’ll look like a fool if he loses.



         The next day Ran, Rui, and Midori arrive at Rin’s school to watch is judo match where Midori proceeds to fawn and swoon all over Rin. Rin shows them the inside of the clubroom, then he has to get something from his locker where something that looks like a love letter falls from his locker. Rin reacts with shock at seeing the love letter, Ran tells him that he’s deluded that someone would send him a love letter. But, Rin shows everyone that the letter is addressed to my beloved, when Midori sees this she is sent into a state of shock.



        Ran tries to get Rin to read the contents of the letter before the match but he refuses saying that he’ll read it later in private, Midori becomes very worried about not being able to keep Rin for herself. As the matches are about to begin Ran notices that Rin might be in trouble because he’s so spaced out about getting the love letter. So as the judo matches progress the two teams end up tied at 2-2 with everything to be decided in a captain’s match with Rin representing his team as captain facing the other team’s captain.


        As Rin’s match is about to begin Ran is very nervous and Midori does a cheer leading act to motivate Rin’s fighting spirit. As the match begins, Rin is still goofy and almost loses the match on the first pass but he recovers his senses and manages to beat the other captain on the next pass. After the match Rin, Rui, and Midori go the locker room to meet Rin and all his teammates think that Ran and Midori are really cute. As Rin is getting his stuff from his locker he finds that someone stole the love letter. Rin is very upset, but Rui says that this is a case that they can investigate.



       So, Rin decides to solve the crime, after first searching everyone else’s bags Rin tries to use his powers to read their minds but that doesn’t work, so he has Midori and Ran do it but they find nothing. Rui then takes over by using logic instead of special powers to solve the mystery. But Rin chimes in saying that since none of his team members stole the letter it has to be either Ran, Rui, or Midori. He says that he can exclude Ran and Rui because why would they steal his love letter, so it has to be Midori. Rin reaches into Midori’s pocket and pulls out the letter, then Midori falls to the floor in tears.



         After being caught Midori has the fantasy of throwing herself off a cliff like the heroines from the mystery and suspense novels. Back at home, Rin finally opens the letter and reads it out loud in front of everyone, but it turns out to Midori’s great satisfaction that the letter was meant for a sumo wrestler instead of Rin. Rin is all depressed, but Midori tells him not to worry she’s here to comfort him. Later, Ran walks into Rin’s room and finds him bummed out, but she tells him to cheer up he has his good points, he’s strong, he’s a good cook, he’s great at judo, even though he’s bad at studying and bad with girls. Rin’s asks Ran if she’s really trying to praise him or what? Well, that’s all for this episode.



       It was really nice seeing a Rin centered episode, after seeing several Ran centered episodes and a two part Rui adventure I guess it had to be Rin or Midori, so I guess that Midori’s up next. Watching a normal family (normal as far as anime families go) operate is pretty nice, Rin and Ran’s playful sibling banter was very amusing, no big brother or little sister attraction complexes here.

     When Rin found the lover letter in his locker and refused to read it I felt that he was going to be disappointed, and that’s exactly what happened. It was pretty funny seeing how giddy he got when he thought that he had gotten his first love letter, and his giddiness almost cost him the judo match.

       But to me, Midori’s situation was even more amusing to watch. I felt pretty bad for Midori when she thought that someone else had captured Rin’s affection before her, but If someone had snatched Rin from her it would have been her own fault. Rin most likely views Midori as a cute friend of his younger sister and he treats her as such, so Midori should have sent him a letter telling him that she likes him and asking him if there’s a possibility he might feel the same way about her, oh well.

        I thank the writers for not introducing any form of a love triangle into the series. The series feels pretty comfortable with the Ran/Rui pairing and the suspense/tension of a possible Midori/Rin pairing, so the introduction of another girl or guy into the mix would probably ruin the light hearted chemistry. The only character development left to do for the last several episodes would be to resolve the family issues remaining between Midori and her mother, I for one look forward to seeing if Midori and her mother can makeup.


       Winter has come to the campus and Christmas vacation is fast approaching, Judy and Sallie have been invited to a party at Julia’s house in New York. Sallie worries about whether her custom dress will be nice enough for the New York elite, and Judy worries about whether John Smith will let her attend the party or he will force her to stay at the school. Julia tells Sallie and Judy not to worry, and that her guardian will let her attend the party and besides Jervis will be attending the party.


       Judy’s worries are soon dispelled when she gets a package from Walter Griggs, it contains a designer dress, a pearl necklace, and other accessories, plus a letter telling her to attend the party and see how polite society functions.


     Once the girls arrive at Julia’s house they quickly change into their dresses and head out to the party, Judy becomes separated from Julia and Sallie while looking for Jervis. She becomes confused and nervous about being separated from her friends and about being surrounded by strangers. Later, Julia’s mother sets up a situation where Judy will be embarrassed in front of the whole party while she tries to explain her family situation. But, Jervis shows up at the last minute and takes the attention away from Judy, Jervis and Judy try to talk outside but he’s drawn away from her by his brother in law (Julia’s dad).



       Later, some of the women at the party corner Judy and they ask her about her background and Judy quickly excuses herself. Jervis and Judy finally run into each other again, so Jervis takes her to the dance floor where they start dancing. Julia’s mother seems shocked to see Jervis and Judy dancing so closely, and soon Jervis is pulled away about a business matter, he tells Judy that he’ll be back soon.


      Once Julia’s mother sees that Judy is alone she tells her that she wants to talk with her about her background. She tells Judy that just having her around Jervis would start rumors about him and his family, like Judy’s is just after his money, plus he really doesn’t love her anyways. She also tells Judy that she had her investigated and she knows about Judy’s pitiful past, so if Judy just goes away she won’t tell anyone about it even her daughter, continue to attend school and graduate, nobody has to know anything.


        The pressure is too much for Judy and her confidence collapses around her, and she thinks that she was silly and stupid for thinking that she could be with Jervis. In tears, Judy flees from the party and Julia’s house. Jervis seeing what happened from a distance runs after Judy but his sister blocks his way, he demands to know what his sister told Judy and she just laughs at him saying that he wishes he knew. Jervis rushes past her to search for Judy but it’s too late, Judy has already left the property in a car heading back to the school. Well, that’s all for this episode.




        Well, as Walter Griggs suggested Judy really learned how “polite society” functions, it seems that Judy got to close to the sun and got burnt. While it was alright for Judy to be friends with Julia, but once her mother found out how close her brother was getting to Judy she decided to act. In the past, Julia’s mother has stated that feelings shouldn’t a factor in relationships, you have to consider the business implications before all else.

       But the real issue is not whether Julia’s mother discovered Judy’s past and will spill the beans or not, but when will Judy finally come to a understanding and acceptance of who she is. Once Judy can come to grips with who she really is than she can let those around her know about it. Then it’s up to them to accept or reject Judy, they will have to weigh and value the Judy they have known for the past three years versus the orphan girl Judy. If they chose to reject Judy’s friendship because of who she was in the past then it’s shame on them for placing more value on where she came from over who she is. 


        Well, Thanksgiving is upon us once again, a day where we get to sit down and enjoy a great meal cooked by loved ones.



        Once the meal is prepared sitting down with family and friends is the best part of the whole deal to me, but you have to be careful who you let carve the bird.




       After you’ve had your fill of delicious food and your sampling the tasty juice, remember if have to work or shop the next day, don’t drink too much juice.



        This episode starts off with Midori waking in tears from having a dream about how badly her mother treated her when she found out about Midori’s powers. Then at school the class has to decide what they’ll do for their school festival, after the votes are taken, running a cafe and a haunted house end up tied, so the class president casts his vote for running a haunted cafe.



        So, for the rest of the day the kids spend time making things and preparing the classroom for the haunted cafe. After School, Ran invites Midori and Rui to have dinner with her family, Midori is really happy since she can help Rin with the cooking.



         After sharing a nice meal together everyone sits down for some coffee and Ran’s mother and father share their experiences of a school festival from twenty years ago. Ran’s mother became separated from her friends and she wandered into the pickle research club where she meet Ran’s father for the first time, and it was love at first sight. They then tell how they were married and how happy they were when Rin and Ran were born, this embarrasses Rin and Ran, Midori seems to enjoy watching Rin and Ran’s reaction but it also makes her a little sad.




          As Ran’s parents talk about more happy family memories Midori asks them how would they feel if they found out that one of their children was completely different from normal people, would they still call them precious? Ran’s father asks Midori what she’s means by different, and he tells her that it would be worrying. After hearing this, Midori thanks them for the meal and she gets up and leaves abruptly.


         Back at her apartment Midori is still upset about her bad dreams and Ran’s parents reaction to her question. At the start of the school festival Midori’s classmates vote to have her wear a Medusa costume for the haunted cafe. The kids look really cute in their haunted cafe costumes and they seem to be having a good time running the cafe. Later, Rin shows up and he tells Midori how cute she looks then she takes him to a table and waits on him. The cafe turns out to be a big success because of all the guys that are drawn inside to see the beautiful Midori.





           later that day Ran’s parents show up to see the cafe and they tell Ran and Midori how cute they both look. Then Ran and Midori are forced to use their powers in front of Ran’s parents to save a mother and child from serious injury. After the Cafe closes, Ran’s parents tells the girls that even if their children were different the would still care for them, because Ran is still Ran, and Midori is still Midori.



         At the festival’s closing ceremony it’s announced that the haunted cafe won the contest by getting the most customers, and that Midori was voted MVP for her Medusa costume. Back at home, Midori gets a letter from home and it causes her to place a phone call to her mother. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, while this episode features a school festival it was really about Midori’s feeling towards her mother and the differences between her family and Ran’s family. As we have seen in previous episodes Midori’s mother rejected her from an early age while Ran gets along with her family, but Ran’s parents don’t know about Ran’s telepathic abilities. Midori leaves Ran’s house in frustration when she hears Ran’s parents answer to the different question, but I don’t think that it was a fair question she asked them. Different could have meant anything; disabled, chronic illness, mentally disturbed, perversion, or anything else under the sun. So, I felt that Ran’s father’s response of I would be concerned was pretty reasonable with their lack of knowledge about what her “being different” question meant.

       What I really liked about this episode was how Ran’s parents found out about Midori’s and Ran’s powers, too often in anime series do the kids have tremendous powers that they use all the time but no one ever finds out. I also liked how her parents reacted to discovering that the girls had special powers, they tell the girls that it doesn’t matter, you are still are who you are (they probably thought, thank god at least their not pregnant).

          Now, this brings me to what separates this series from most current anime in a good way. Most current anime uses the idea/plot-line of a dysfunctional/absent family to make possible all the crazy stuff that occurs in most series; kids living alone, dead parents, MILF mothers, lolicon dads, big brother complexes, little sister complexes. Telepathy Shojo Ran uses none of these tropes, while the story might be a little less interesting because of this it feels a little more real and honest. As this series nears it’s end I look forward to seeing if Midori will come to some understanding with her mother, and I look forward to how the Ran/Rui and Midori/Rin pairings will work out. Overall, this is a nice series featuring nice kids having interesting adventures while experiencing the process of growing up and learning about life.  


        This episode begins with Miss Brownell announcing that she will be leaving the school to get married and they will be getting a new teacher. After the students see Miss Brownell off they all wonder what kind of person the new teacher will be, and at school that’s all the students are talking about. 


          Then Francis Carpenter, the new teacher shows up at the school, and the students think he’s quite strange. He does things like conducting classes outside in the fresh air, and he asks the students about their hopes and dreams. Emily should be very happy with this type of teacher because of a comment about her writing she doesn’t seem to like him while Ilse is very captivated by the new teacher.



        Later, Mr Carpenter visits Teddy’s house to give him a art book, he tells Teddy’s mother that Teddy is very talented and he could someday study at a good art school in a large city. When she hears him talk about her son leaving her someday to study she throws out the teacher and his art book, and she says that she’ll never be parted with her son. That night Emily finds out that all the townspeople know of Mr Carpenter but aunt Elizabeth won’t tell her any of the details of his history.


       The next day as Perry is returning from some errands he stumbles upon Mr Carpenter teaching a history class to the students by reenacting the events through a play, and he gets so excited that he gets involved in the class. Perry gets nervous because he’s supposed to be working and not going to school but Mr Carpenter has him participate anyways. Afterwards, he tells the kids that it’s important that they study history through the feelings of the people involved in the events. As Emily listens to Mr Carpenter’s words she’s reminded of how her father used to talk to her.


       Later, Mr Carpenter asks Emily to read one of Emily’s poems and she tells him that she doesn’t want a person who already judged her work to read them. So, he asks her that if she wishes to be a writer will she only let her supporters read her works? If so, then she’s an immature as a writer who has no confidence in her skills and her writings. After hearing this Emily hands him her poetry book and runs away from him in front of the whole class.


         Teddy goes after Emily and they end up at an abandoned house called the house of disappointments because many unhappy events occurred to a young couple that moved there causing them to leave in disappointment. Teddy asks Emily if she’s going to give up so easily, and he tells her about his mother’s reaction to his art, and that he won’t give up on being as artist no matter what his mother thinks. Teddy also gives Emily a drawing of her that he just finished, and Emily then resolves not to quite her dream of being a writer. The next day Mr. Carpenter gives Emily her notebook back and he tells her that while she wrote about 400 sentences only about ten of them were really noteworthy.



        Emily reacts badly to his words and he asks her if she’s going to give up writing? Emily starts crying as she tells him that she loves writing and that she can’t help herself because she has to write. She’s asks him why he’s bothering with her writing if he thinks that it’s no good, and he tells her that she wasn’t listening to him, if she can write ten good lines at age eleven she’ll be able to write 100 good lines at twenty.  He tells her that writing being a writer is a tough road to walk and that even if she works hard she might not succeed at it, but Emily tells him that she’ll really try hard to be a good writer.


        Later, she and Teddy meet at an abandoned house and they decide to go inside where Emily resolves to write her novels here, and Teddy also says that he’ll work on his art here. Emily and Teddy also resolve to someday in their future to find their happiness in this house together. Well, that’s all for this episode. 



       Well, it’s been such a long time since I’ve watched an episode of Emily I almost forgot how much I really enjoy this series. Two interesting things occurred in this episode that will probably effect the rest of the series.

      Firstly, the kids got a new teacher that truly seems to care about what the students want for their futures, and he is also the type of teacher that will go the extra mile for the students that have special potential.

       Mr. Carpenter is the first person that really took Emily’s writing seriously, Emily wasn’t ready to handle a serious critique, and I think that he’s just what Emily needs to force her writing to a whole new level. I think that everyone’s had the experience where they thought they were hot shit in their own little world until someone comes along and shows you that your good but not good enough yet.

         Also, this episode sets the course for Emily’s and Teddy’s future relationship with them promising each other that they’ll find their future happiness together. I guess that everyone could see it coming, Emily and Teddy are kindred spirits so it only natural that they’ll be attracted to each other. 


           This episode begins the next day in the reference library with Nagisa loaning Tomoya to Yukine for use as a lap pillow so Yukine can get some sleep. Then Sadou stops by and tells them that the other gang thinks that Kazuto is out of the hospital due to their run in with Tomoyo/Youhei/Kazuto, and later Tomoyo stops by and tells the group that fights inside the city are increasing and that soon the police will get involved. Tomoyo’s advice to the gangs is that they should stop fighting and make peace now. At Kazuto’s club the group finds that the gang is wanting to make a strike at the rival gang, and Yukine decides to go and try and talk to the other gang.



        So, Tomoya goes after Yukine and they head off to the other gang’s headquarters. Once there, Yukine tries to convince the other gang to stop their gang war, but the other gang’s members say no way, too many people have been hurt. The other gang leader (Sasaki) tells Yukine that he’s got nothing against her because she’s treated his wounds and fed him in the past, but things can’t end this way. Sasaki tells Yukine that he’ll fight her brother one on one, winner takes all, Yukine has no choice but to agree.


           When Tomoya and Yukine return to her brother’s club they tell them about the agreement and they are not happy about the agreement because Kazuto can’t fight in his current condition. Someone mentions that Youhei should do it because he pretended to be Kazuto to begin with, and soon Youhei is drafted to be the replacement for Kazuto. It’s seems that Youhei has also taken credit for taking care if those four guys from the other night so he’s left with no choice but to act as Kazuto. Later that night Yukine tells them that she’s sorry that everyone had to get involved, and she tells them that the other gang members aren’t bad people individually.


       So, the next day the two gangs meet at the river for the one on one fight, before Youhei goes to fight Sasaki, Nagisa offers him some rainbow bread and jam that was made by Sanae. When Nagisa pulls out the bread and jam it’s brilliance knocks out Youhei and everyone else from Kazuto’s gang. Someone has to go and fight Sasaki so Tomoya goes to face him in the one on one fight.



        Tomoya and Sasaki face off by the riverbank, Sasaki asks where Kazuto is, and Tomoya tells him that he’ll have to do, so Sasaki tells him that he’ll “play” with him for a while. Tomoya tries his best to fight Sasaki but he’s no match for the rival gang leader and he takes an incredible amount of damage while Nagisa and Yukine look on, Nagisa and Yukine figures that the only way that this can end is if Yukine’s brother Kazuto could show up.





        Sasaki thinks to fight is over but Tomoya manages to get up and land some blows and the fight drags on for along time and finally they both end up on the ground with Sasaki telling Tomoya that he’s pretty tough but he should stay down. At this point, Youhei and the rest of the crew recovers and when Youhei sees that Tomoya’s been fighting he rushes to his aid followed by the rest of Kazuto’s gang members, and when Sasaki’s gang sees everyone rushing forward they run to join the fight, Tomoya and Sasaki yells at everyone to stop, but no one listens.


         Just before everyone is about to fight, Kazuto shows up, and Sasaki and Kazuto rush towards each other to do battle. Sasaki lands the first punch to Kazuto’s face revealing that Yukine has dressed up as her brother Kazuto, she staggers to the ground and Sasaki is in shock about what happened, but Yukine charges him in tears saying that she is Kazuto, Sasaki refuses to hit her and Tomoya rushes to her side and holds her while she is in tears. She says that this is the only way that Kazuto could be here, and she asks them what does it take to make you stop fighting. It turns out that Kazuto really wasn’t in the hospital but instead died in the traffic accident.



        The next morning Yukine takes all the gang members to see Kazuto grave site. At his grave, Yukine says that the only reason that they kept Kazuto’s death a secret is because they were afraid that Sasaki’s gang would come after them, and we also learn that Kazuto really didn’t like the fighting and that he wanted it to stop. As Yukine is in tears, Sasaki stands at Yukine’s side and bows their heads in respect for Kazuto, soon the rest of his gang does the same along with Kazuto’s gang. As this is happening Tomoya sees one of the mysterious lights rising in to the sky, Nagisa turns around and asks Tomoya what is happening?



       The next day at school, Yukine thanks Tomoya, Youhei, and Nagisa for helping her come to terms with and accepting her brother’s death. Yukine also tells them about a legend concerning their city, every time a moment of happiness or joy occurs, a orb of light is created, and if you can get one of the orbs a wish will be granted. Youhei asks her if that’s what Tomoya saw, and Yukine says that fewer and fewer people can see them now, so Tomoya might be special in some way. Yukine tells the group that she’s blessed to have, and to be supported bu such special friends. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, this episode brings an end to Yukine path, and I found this episode more enjoyable that the last one. First of all, I think that Misae was right when she asked Nagisa if she was worried about some other girl grabbing Tomoya, Misae thought that Nagisa was too nice about other girls being around Tomoya. Nagisa might not realize it, but as a guy I can tell her that certain unexpected things can occur when a cute girl uses your lap as a pillow, sorry Nagisa but it’s just biology.

       Secondly, there is no end to the amount of trouble that Youhei’s mouth ends up causing him. But, I have to admit that at least he was man enough to step forward when his bluff was called. I did like the sabotage that Nagisa’s mother tried to cause with her rainbow bread and jam, I wonder what jam would taste worse, Nagisa’s mother’s, or Nayuki’s mother’s?

       Third, Tomoya really is one tough bastard when he really wants to fight. During the fight he took an incredible amount of damage, he should have been finished in about thirty seconds but he kept getting up for more. While he was able to injure (at least hit Sasaki a few times) he clearly was going to lose the fight to him, it’s a simple equation, boy strenght vs man strenght.

         Lastly, I was touched by Yukine rushing to fight as her brother rather than watching other people getting hurt, she would rather be hurt than watch others be hurt. Sasaki was shocked when he saw that he hit Yukine, her actions so stunned everyone that they just lost their lust for blood. Then at he brother’s graveside her sorrow seemed to have reached the gang members and sated their angry for now. Also, Yukine tells us about the legend of the light orbs, and their supposed power to grant a wish. She also confirms that Tomoya just might be special in some way, this pretty much confirms the link between Tomoya and the junk doll in the dream world.

       Overall, this was a well done and enjoyable episode that begins to link the normal world to the junk doll’s dream world in a much firmer way, I can’t wait to see the rest of the series, I think I’ll need some tissue paper. 

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