This episode begins with Ran having a strange dream of two separated spirits. Later, Ran and the crew are at the local shopping district and they participate in the raffle, Rin and Midori win toilet paper, Rui wins a charm, and Ran wins the grand prize, a trip for four to a tropical island resort called “snake island”.

       So they have take a puddle jumper to the southern tip of Japan, on the flight Ran tries to get romantic with Rui but Midori butts in, Ran tells her that she has Rin next to her, but Rin is asleep poor Midori can’t catch a break. Also while on the flight they run into a spoiled idol named Hoshihana Tsukina, she’s loud and vain, and Midori takes an instant dislike to her.


       As they are about to land Rui meets the grandson (Akaza) of the professor who wrote a book about the island, he tells them even though lots of the native wildlife is extinct there’s still lots of treasure there. After a rather rough and comic landing they debark the plane, and when Ran’s feet touch the ground she gets a telepathic reaction to the island. After the group helps Ran recover, she sees a vision of a ghost snake encircling Akaza and Ran is the only one that can see it, Midori is happy because she says that they are on another case.


       As the group is sitting outside the airport they discuss how something summoned Ran to the island after she tells them about here dream and the object ( a giant scale) she found in her room. As they are taking the shuttle bus to their hotel they find out that once snakes were worshiped as kami on the island but there are so few snakes left it’s very rare to see one. Once they get to the hotel they see a some rare flower and are told that they are called the temptation flower and that they only bloom once every several years, and they are supposed to bring “good fortune”. Later, Ran bumps into the idol and she get a telepathic call for help from inside of her.

       Well, Midori says that the hotel doesn’t look too bad so she tells Ran that they should hurry and change into their new swimsuits and hit the beach. Once they hit the beach they discover that the beach is really a cliff, and they are not going to do much swimming. Rui then suggests that they hit up the pool but even that is out of order, and later Midori complains to Ran that this isn’t a very good resort.


       Then Rin and Rui join Ran and Midori in their room where Rui tells them that the Akaza wasn’t telling them the whole truth about the flowers, a book says that the flowers are linked with the snakes but that’s all he could find out since someone ripped out the next page in the book. Rui is worried about all the occurrences and tells everyone exercise caution on the island.


       A while later, the group decides to head out to watch the sunset and on their way out they see Akaza bothering a local fisherman (Jikunan) about a temptation tree and two figures. Rin steps up and pulls Akaza off of the local and Midori touches him to use her power, she finds out that Akaza is deeply in dept and has to come up with the cash or else. Jikunan seems frightened when he hears that the man bothering him is Akaza and when Ran touches him she gets visions from WWII and a girl.


       After all this is over they kind of pair off to see the sunset, and while they are enjoying the sunset Midori and Ran goof around then Ran gets assaulted by some telepathic power and voices. Ran falls to her knees in pain, she has two voices or spirits inside of her and they say that they never want to separated again, the rest of the group rushes to Ran’s side while she is screaming in pain and grabbing her head. Well, that’s all for this episode.

          Well this was a very enjoyable and interesting episode, I kind of feel sorry for the kids because every time they are about to have some fun they get sidetracked by some new adventure. It’s the same old story, Ran tries to get with Rui on a date but Midori always butts in, and every time Midori tries to spend some time with Rin something interrupts her.

       This episode follows the typical path that the previous episodes followed, one of the kids gets summoned or involved in some supernatural quest in the first episode, and then the rest of the group must find or aid in the resolution of the problem in the followup episode. What was interesting is how the focus of this adventure will have a WWII related plot. While this isn’t unheard of in anime, as time has passed WWII stories are becoming a rarity in modern anime set in modern times.