This episode begins with winter coming to the school, and Judy notes that the changing seasons coincide with how all the girls are changing from girls to women. Judy’s seventeenth birthday is this weekend, and Jervis’s birthday is also coming up. Sallie tries her hand at makeup and she also offers to let Judy try some on but Judy refuses saying that she’ll look better without.

         After class is over Sallie invites Judy and Julia to go shopping with her, but Julia refuses saying that she needs to find some books to read. Later we see Julia in the library looking forlorn and lonely even though she was quite cheery with Sallie and Judy, and then we see her looking through a football guide. As Julia is returning to the dorm Julia gets a phone call from her mother, she tells Julia that she has to come home this weekend to be introduced to the son of a real estate agent that her father setup. Julia gets angry and refuses to meet the boy but her mother says she has no choice and to quit being selfish. Julia tells her mother that she in love with Jimmie McBride, Sallie’s older brother, but her mother says that she’s lying.

        Later back in her room, Julia thinks over the disagreement she had with her mother and Julia admits that she’s really in love with Jimmie. Julia is in pretty dark spirits until Judy and Sallie return from shopping, it seems that Julia needs to talk over her problems but she doesn’t want to spoil the cheerful mood.

       Later that evening we see Bob all dressed up for his date with Sallie, Bob tells Jimmie that he has a phone call waiting for him. It seems that Julia has called Jimmie and has asked him to meet her tomorrow and he agrees to meet her. As Sallie and Judy sleep peacefully Julia is awake thinking about her situation then at first light we see her pack up some clothes and head out before the other girls wake up.

        Judy is awaken by a commotion occurring outside the dorm, Julia’s mother has arrived to pick her daughter up but she refuses to follow the proper procedures. Judy goes to Julia and Sallie’s room to wake her up but she discover that Julia is missing. Sallie has no idea where Julia is at but she notices that Julia’s favorite traveling dress and bag are gone, and then the girls realize that Julia has been acting strangely the last couple of days. When Julia’s mother barges in she discovers that her daughter is missing, Judy tries to cover for her but her mother is pissed, Judy figures that Julia needed to talk but instead ran away. Judy tells Sallie to stall the mother while she goes to look for Julia.

       As Sallie is talking with Julia’s mother Judy overhears Julia’s mother question Sallie about her brother, and Judy hears Julia’s mother tell Sallie that Julia stated that she was in love with Jimmie. Judy feels terrible that both she and Sallie didn’t pick up on Julia’s need to talk with someone, Judy rushes out of the dorm in an attempt to locate Julia and talk with her. Well, that’s all for this episode.

        In the last episode Judy experienced a lot of self-examination and introspection to achieve some form of inner truth about her feeling for Jervis, and she was finally able to express them to him. Now, Julia is going through the same internal struggle, while Judy’s struggle was with her inner self, Julia’s struggle is with her inner feelings and her relationship with her mother. Julia might able to tell Jimmie that she loves him like Judy did with Jervis, but Julia’s real problem will be in dealing with her mother.

        In past episodes, Julia’s mother and even Julia have talked about relationships and marriage in terms of a business deal, she tried to explain to Judy that Jervis’s meeting with the daughter of another bank owner made business sense, while this made sense to Julia the logic didn’t make Judy’s feelings of love for Jervis any less. Now it’s Julia’s turn to have to deal with the business/social concerns that her parents want to place on her vs the feelings of her heart, and I bet that it will be very difficult to impossible for her to ignore her love for Jimmie.

        Also, as the series approaches it’s final couple of episodes the fun and games are over with, in the beginning the girls were exactly that, girls. Their concerns were with things like cake, pretty clothes, occasionally one upping each other, and vacations. Now, the girls who are almost women are concerned with the more weighty issues of college, relationships and maybe marriage, and what they’ll do as adults, goodbye childhood and hello adulthood.