This episode begins with Gouta waking up on the couch of the bar he was at the night before, so he decides to head back to the house. Once there, he discovers that Sora and Hara are out on a early magical request, he’s still pissed at Hara for being with Sora. Gouta arrives at the school without Sora and the other kids ask him why she didn’t come to school with and he replies that he didn’t ask her. Everyone can tell that he’s upset, but Asagi is worried about Sora.


       Later we see Sora resting on a park bench and she seems pretty worn out and tired, and after a while she calls out to her mother. Then we see Sora’s mother getting a phone call from Sora, Sora says that she wants to come back home, and her mother says OK. But after she gets off the phone with Sora she tells a coworker that Sora won’t be coming home yet, she’s much stronger than that.


        We see that Sora had gone back to the family that she performed the awakening magic on to ask the husband if she can perform her magic on the wife again, Sora was not satisfied with just awakening her from the coma she wants to recover her memories. The husband tells Sora “no” what she did was just fine, and that you shouldn’t ask god for too much. He also tells Sora that they are making new memories every day, and when Sora leaves she sees that they seem happy together.


        When Gouta returns to the house he sees that everyone is upset because Sora is missing, she left the hospital without permission. Gouta grabs Hara and demands to know what he did to Sora, he starts violently shaking Hara around. Finally, Hara punches Gouta in the face calling him a dumb-ass, he tells Gouta that Sora is dying. He tells Gouta that Sora has a disease that causes her heart to go out of rhythm when she sees extremely bright lights or when she hears extremely loud noises, and yesterday’s thunderstorm triggered an attack. Hara also tells Gouta that Sora’s father died of the same disease, and he tells Gouta that this disease can only be caught by mages. Sora’s father died one year after his first heart attack, and Sora had her first heart attack last summer. He also tells Gouta that when he was checking Sora out Gouta only saw what he wanted to see, and he thought idiotic thoughts.


         Gouta rushes out of the house to search for Sora while the rest of the adults decide that they must find Sora.  Gouta rushes throughout the local area in a near panic state desperately searching for Sora. As night falls on the town Gouta is still searching for Sora when he runs into the local singer. They strike up a conversation and it turns out that she has seen Sora about 45 minutes ago but can’t remember where she went to. Gouta asks her if he can use memory magic on her to help him locate Sora and she agrees to it. Gouta performs the magic on the singer and a ghostly image of Sora leaves her body and leads Gouta through the city streets towards Sora’s location.



        Gouta is finally lead to Sora location, a park bench under some lights, and Sora asks Gouta if he can’t use magic for himself, and he says that it was for her, and she tells him that if he uses his magic like this they won’t let him become a mage, he tells her that he doesn’t care. Gouta ask her if she’s dying, and she tells him that he’s found out, she also says that if she dies all that will remain is peoples memories of her, it’s would be like disappearing. He asks her if she hates magic and wants to cry, she says no but he keeps prodding her until she starts hitting him and then she ends up in his arms where she tells him “why her”, and that she wants to live and that she’s really scared. He holds her as she cries and he tells her that he’s glad he found her safe. Well, that’s all for this episode.




           These types of episodes have always been hard for me to review, most of the time I try to stand back like a impartial reviewer and just discuss the content, but when I become invested in a character this premise quickly falls apart. The ending of this series is going to be quite different than the first Someday’s Dreamers anime series, in that series you had a main character (Yume) that was quite like Sora. Yume due to her cheery and kind nature was able to help her instructor Masami overcome his feelings of guilt and loss over the death of his girlfriend, this series ended on a very hopeful and upbeat feeling, with most of the main characters moving forward toward a hopeful future, but this series will be very different.

          With the approaching death of Sora, the ending will be more about the impact that Sora has had on the people around her. As Sora told Gouta that she fears that if she dies all that will be left of her is memories and that feels like disappearing somehow. But, in the end, Sora will have left much more than that; she’s awaken Gouta’s powers, she’s saved a woman from a coma, and she impacted many other people and their lives will have been better for having meet her.

         But what really got to me was how Sora confessed her inner feelings about dying to Gouta, in too many anime many very young characters go fearlessly to their deaths with nary a thought about wanting to live longer. I, as a older guy might have a different prospective if I was told that I was dying, I’ve lived and experienced a lot of things; love and sex, meeting a lot of people, traveling to many countries, and thousands of other experiences. But with Sora this totaly diffrent, she’s young and is justing starting experiance the better things in life so I was really touched when she admittes to Gouta things like “why me”, and how she doesn’t want to die and that she wants to live, these are very human emotions that a lot of anime charathers never express. While we may think that we are ready to accept death, I think the following poem by Sri Chinmoy sums up Sora condition better than I ever could.

Our mind thinks of death.
Our heart thinks of life
Our soul thinks of Immortality.