This episode picks up with Shima waiting for Misae at the school’s gate but two of her friends tell Shima that she called in sick. They deduce that she got rejected by Igaarashi and they tell Shima that they think that he’s a better match for her, so they tell him to go comfort her.


         When he meets Misae at the park she pretty quickly figures out that her friends sent him there, she asks him if he thinks that this is his chance. He tells her that he never thought about it that way, so she says that he never liked her, but he says that he does like her. Then she asks him whats so good about her so he tells her what he thinks of her, and she thanks him for his thoughts.


         So, Misae and Shima begin hanging out, but that’s soon interrupted by Misae wanting to run for student counsel president and helping with the fall festival. Misae’s two friends have Shima dress up as a girl so he can see Misae at school, and he/she looks very cute as a girl. When Misae first sees Shima as a girl she acts like she doesn’t know she’s really Shima.


        After the cross dressing prank Misae’s friends ask Shima if they can’t hangout at his house, and as they are walking home he tells them that he can’t remember where he lives. But, they end up at Shima Katsuki’s house and his mother comes outside and asks them if they are Katsuki’s friends, when they say yes she tells them to please light incenses at his shrine, and at that moment Shima remembers that the real Shima Katsuki is dead, so he runs off by himself.


        Misae’s friends track him down and they tell him that they still believe in him and that if he has something to say to Misae he must tell her himself. As he’s sitting there alone he remembers that he’s not Shima Katsuki but that was the name of the person who was most important to him.


      At the fall festival Misae is waiting of Shima all dressed up, and at the festival they have a good time together. Misae tells Shima that she knew that he was dressed as a girl and that her friends put him up to it. Later, Misae brings up the whole wish issue, and when Shima opens up his charm the light that will grant her wish is missing. But she tells Shima that it doesn’t matter as long as they are together, she tells him that if he needs to know her what her wish is, then it’s “please love me forever”.



        At that moment Misae embraces Shima and again tells him to love her forever, as she steps away he has tears in his eyes and he admits that he does love her. As he’s crying he admits that he really enjoyed the time he spent with Misae and her friends and he tells her “thank you”.


       Misae heads off to get them some drinks, and when she returns Shima is missing. So she looks all over the festival area trying to find him. She finally spots him in the crowd and calls out to him, Shima turns to her and says something that she can’t hear and then turns away from her. Misae tries to run after him but she trips and falls and we can hear Shima telling Misae goodbye.


       Later, a few years after high school graduation, we see Misae taking the job as the school’s male dorm mother and we see Misae picking up a stray cat and asking it if you want to be with me? Then Nagisa wakes Tomoya from his slumber, it seems that he fell asleep as Nagisa and Misae were talking. As Nagisa and Tomoya are leaving the building he bends down to ask the cat if he gave him that dream and if he (the cat) wants to tell Misae something.


        At the fall festival we see Nagisa and Tomoya walking around when Nagisa sees Misae’s cat and she picks him up, and at that moment Misae runs up to the couple. It seems that her cat ran off and lead her to them, and as she’s speaking the cat runs into the bushes. At that moment Tomoya begins to express the  cat’s feelings for Misae that he learned from the dream he was given. Misae denies having a date with a cat but Tomoya’s words sink into her, she scoops the cat up and cradles it in her arms as she walks away.




         Later, Tomoya tells Nagisa that he’ll tell her about the dream he had, and we see the cat wondering if he’s properly fulfilled his master’s wish. The cat’s memory is fading but he knows he wants to stay this way forever. Well, that’s all for this episode.


           I really loved the pacing and content of these last two episodes of ~After Story~, I think that the Misae storyline was really nicely done. I have heard that several bloggers have expressed the opinion that the Misae arc was rushed and her story not given enough screen time, but to me it felt just right. Clannad and Clannad ~After Story~ is all about Nagisa and Tomoya, so each arc must give us a little character development for the supporting characters and it must further the overall story progression.

          I feel that this episode fleshed out Misae’s personality nicely, and we also got to see that her scolding (caring) nature goes back a long ways. While she may seem scary at times she only does it to try to help her guys behave properly, and we see that she gives good love advice. But we also got a glimpse of why she has a somewhat sad nature to her, while she might not have a lot of luck when it comes to love but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t surrounded by love. I’ll admit that during the last five minutes or so of this episode that I cried like a girl as I watched Tomoya express Shima’s feeling for Misae to her, and as I saw the understanding of everything flow into her.

         What these last two episodes also did was do a lot of linking between the real world and the dream world, throughout the Clannad series and the ~After Story~ series we have seen a lot of the dream world and now we have been shown the origin of the floating lights from the dream world, they seem to be created when love and happiness is created in this world. Tomoya is also told or made aware the possibility of creating wishes to save a girl, and that the source of power for those wishes are the floating lights.

        It was also nice to see that most of Nagisa’s and Tomoya’s friends were also at the fall festival in the company of friends. Because, in the end, the whole point of this series is about the power of compassion, love, and friendship.