This episode picks up right before the end of the last episode with Gouta finding and comforting Sora in her darkest hour, Gouta then calls everyone to let them know that he has found Sora. Hara is relieved to know that Sora has been found and he seems impressed that Gouta used his magic even though he knew he would be punished, then Sora and Gouta walk back towards the dorm holding hands.



        The next morning everything is back to normal with Gouta cooking the fish and Sora making the miso soup. After their meal, Sora and Gouta head off to school to take their final exams, and while their gone Hara and Saori talk about how quickly their month with Sora has passed. At school the students take their written exams then they take another hands on exam involving turning water into ice for the second time, on this go around everybody’s magic has improved greatly. Later, the instructor announces that everybody has passed their exams, and the graduation ceremony will be at 1310, so don’t be late.




          At the graduation ceremony everyone gets their diplomas, and it turns out that Gouta’s parents have turned up to watch him graduate. After the ceremony the instructor tells the students to remember that this is not the end but only the beginning for them, then the students get to meet their families and friends that came to see them graduate. It turns out that Gouta’s parents are getting back together again, and Gouta introduces Sora to his parents telling them without her help her he wouldn’t have been able to graduate.




          Later, back in the classroom the five main students are together again and Sora tells them that she was happy they could graduate together. Afterwards, Hiyori talks about all of them meeting up again in the future and everybody agrees. As Sora and Gouta are walking home she tells Gouta that she doesn’t want him to forget about her even if he gets married and has children, she asks him to think about her every once and a while. Sora is in tears as she asks Gouta to remember her and Gouta takes Sora’s hand in his to comfort her.



         On their way home Sora and Gouta run into the female street musician, Sora tells her that they just graduated, so she plays a song for Gouta and Sora. Back at the dorm the instructors congratulate both Sora and Gouta. Later, Sora and Hara have a talk outside the house and Hara tells Sora that many people will remember her, and he tells Sora that he wants a daughter just like her, but Sora tells him he needs to get a wife first.


         The next morning we see Sora walking with her suitcase through the city streets heading to the airport and we hear her call Gouta’s name. At the same time, we see Gouta sitting at the bench where he found Sora the other night, and he seems to be lost in thought. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, this episode was really bittersweet for me to watch in so many ways. First of all, I was sad to see a series coming to it’s conclusion that I have grown to love. Secondly, we the viewers know that Sora’s life will soon be ending. As we learned in the last episode, Sora has a terminal illness that only mages can contract and it’s incurable, her father died of the same illness one year after his first heart attack, and Sora had her first heart attack just over one year ago. Since this series is about taking life at face value and dealing with it’s ups and downs there will be no deus ex machina  answer to her illness, Sora will die.

        Now that I’ve talked about the bittersweet stuff I’ll move on to the happy stuff, and contrary to the tone of my last couple of reviews this series had plenty of upbeat moments. First of all everybody managed to earn their certification as mages, even Gouta who practically had no magical ability at the beginning of the series. Also, Gouta’s parents decided to reconcile by the end of the series even though it seemed like a lost cause. Overall, the students caused a lot of good to occur through their interactions with their clients, and the main cast learned the value of having friends to talk with and to hangout with.

       So, overall the students learned many valuable life lessons during their one month training program, they lived and learned, experienced life’s ups and downs, and matured into better future adults in the process, making this series a great example of a slice of life series with a little magic thrown in.