This episode picks up with Ran screaming in pain because two voices/spirits have invaded her mind. As Midori rushes to her side, Ran slaps her hand away and Rushes off down the forest path with Midori, Rui, and Rin in hot pursuit. Ran has no control over her body until she runs into Jikunan’s bull who knocks her to the ground as the others catch up.



         Jikunan tells them that it will be getting dark soon so they should head back to the hotel, but when he notices that Ran is injured he puts Ran and Midori on his bull for a ride back to the hotel. Once back at the hotel they see Akaza bothering the hotel’s owner but once he sees the crew he takes off.



       Once the owner sees that Ran is injured she gives first aid to Ran’s injured leg, while treating her she tells the kids that the jungle’s undergrowth can be mildly poisonous. Then the Idol Tsukina barges in complaining about her treatment, her manager tells her that the agency didn’t allocate a lot of money to her trip, and Midori tells her that’s because she not selling well. Tsukina gets pissed off at everyone and says that she’s leaving, and then the hotel owner makes the comment that it’s unusual to see the temptation flowers blooming along with so many grass snakes.


        After the owner leaves the room the kids hear something outside the door and Rin goes to investigate, while he’s gone the others talk about how the idol and the farmer booth seem to be hiding secret thoughts. A short while later the hotel owner helps Rin back to the room because she found him outside with a large lump on his head. Midori gets really angry about Rin calling whoever hit him a bastard, so Rui suggests that they return to their room to let Rin rest. Rui feels that whoever hit Rin is trying to scare them from searching the jungle, and that person must be the same one who was listening to them.



          Later that night, back in their hotel room Midori is playing nurse to a ill Ran when Ran starts hearing those voices again, they are calling for her to become the bride and for her to use her power to dispel the evil. As Ran gets out of bed and tries to leave the hotel she collapses in Midori’s arms, Midori is scared but she vows to protect Ran. Then Midori leaves Rui in charge of Ran while she goes out to get some ice for Ran, and in the hallway she runs into Akaza and while they are on the ground Midori touches Akaza’s journal and she senses some vibes from the journal. Back in the room Midori tells Rin and Rui that she felt the missing book pages in Akaza’s journal and now she fully understands what he’s after.



       Long ago in the past Akaza’s grandfather went to the island and discovered that magical snakes the are supposed to be the messengers of the gods that d’welded there. He discovered that the the male snake was named Nushi and the female snake was called Kami, and that every couple of decades they would get together to mate and create new offspring. After their mating period the snakes would grant a wish to the island’s human population and the people would always wish for peace between the snakes and themselves, but Akaza’s grandfather tricked the people into letting him wish of wealth and fame. His act corrupted the snakes and they are unable to mate and now many bad things occur on the island.  After the old man’s death Akaza’s father went to the island and murdered the headman and his family in an attempt to find out when the snakes would try to mate again.


       As Midori is still talking, Ran’s body and mind is again taken over by the spirits and she runs out of the hotel with Midori and the crew in hot pursuit. Ran leads them into the heart of the jungle where Midori says that something is about to happen. As the snakes are starting to appear in front of Ran, Akaza tries to force his way to the snakes but he’s intercepted by Rin and Rui, and then the idol Tsukina tries to force the snakes to grant her eternal youth but she’s intercepted by Midori.



       After a struggle with Rin and Rui Akaza manages to break free and charges forward but he’s taken down by Jikunan’s bull. As the bull is moving in for the kill Ran stops the bull’s charge, but Jikunan tells Ran to let the bull kill him because Akaza’s father killed his family long ago. As Midori and Ran beg Jikunan to spare Akaza life (he’s dying from the attack) Ran’s tears of mercy brings the two snakes to full life and they decide to grant Jikunan one wish, and after much pleading the crew convinces Jikunan to ask for Akaza’s life to be spared. The snakes grant that wish and now they can mate and they give their blessing to the island.


         Later, as the crew is leaving the island they see Jikunan waiving to them as they are about to take off, and Ran and Midori are back to their old ways. Midori says that she wishes that she could return to the island someday to just Rin but he doesn’t hear this because he’s already asleep. Well, that’s all for this episode.



       Well, with this episode we wrap up another interesting two episode story arc. But during this episode there were a couple of things that didn’t make sense of were not explained clearly, First of all, it was never explained how the idol Tsukina found out about the snakes’ power to grant a wish, if she was the one listening outside the room the kids never talked about the snakes’ power to grant a wish at that time. Secondly, it was never explained why Ran wore a bride’s veil when she was possessed, I could see how the snakes would need Ran’s or Midori’s help in dispelling the evil but why did she have to wear a veil if she wasn’t getting married. I know that these are minor grips but I just had to mention it, but overall I’m really enjoying this series.

What follows is my smart assed opinion on what they should have wished for

        What the crew should have wished for is that the Japanese people start having more children because they are clearly not having enough kids. I don’t know how many times in this series the teenagers have been alone in hotel rooms away from their parents and nothing happens.