This episode begins with Judy feeling terrible about not seeing that Julia was having serious personal problems, so she searches the campus looking for Julia. But we see that Julia has arraigned a meeting with Jimmie at the restaurant they first meet at, and when Jimmie arrives he is confused about what Julia wants. As Jimmie is making coffee for them, Julia tells him about her parents wanting to arraign a marriage for her, she’s wants him to saw something like don’t get married but all he can say is that he thinks she can be happy, and Julia gets very upset and she leaves the restaurant in tears.



         When the owner goes inside he sees Jimmie cleaning up the mess and he asks Jimmie if he’s OK with Julia running off in tears. Jimmie comes to his senses and rushes out after Julia, but it seems that he’s too late. Jimmie calls the school looking for Julia, but Judy answers the phone and learns what happened with Julia, but before Judy can get more information from him Julia’s mother grabs the phone and demands stuff from Jimmie.


       Judy rushes into town to look for Julia once she knows the full situation, also Jimmie is looking for Julia too. Julia makes her way to the train station and asks for a ticket on the next train out town, this is a all time classic movie line. Judy catches Julia just as she’s about to board the train and they have a heated argument with Julia saying she’s leaving and Judy telling her not to run away. As Judy tries to stop Julia from boarding the departing train they both fall to the ground just as Jimmie arrives, Julia breaks down in tears and tells them that she doesn’t know what to do.




      When Judy and Jimmie phone Sallie telling her that they’ve found Julia, Julia’s mother rushes into town to get her daughter. Once she arrives there she finds Julia bandaged and sedated from her injury, and she is told that Julia must rest until the evening. But, her mother tells the driver to carry Julia to the car, Judy intervenes, asking Julia’s mother whether she cares about her daughter’s health, and she tells Judy of course I do. Then Judy asks the woman if she cares about her daughter’s feelings and happiness, and the woman laughs at this by saying that Julia’s still a little girl and she’ll do what her parents tell her to do and she’ll learn to be happy with it.


     It turns out that Julia was faking her injury and she gets up and thanks her friends for their support and she tells them she’ll be going with her mother. But, she says that she’ll go to the marriage meeting and turn the guy down with words from her own lips. When Jimmie hears this, he tells Julia he’s glad she’s not getting married, and then he asks her out on a date totally frustrating Julia’s mother.



        Julia’s mother is not the only one who’s frustrated, in the confusion of helping Julia with her problems Bob is left waiting at the school for Sallie to show up for their date. But, Bob’s not alone, he has Jervis to keep him company, it seems that Jervis was supposed to take Julia out on a date for her seventeenth birthday. The two guys seem to be pretty understanding of the whole situation once Miss Sloan explains what caused all this chaos, so they content themselves in playing chess until their babes return. Well, that’s all for this episode.



        Well, as this series begins it’s last episodes and the girls head towards adulthood things begin to sort themselves out.

         Julia has finally stood up to her mother and told her that she’ll be choosing her future path for herself. Several times in the past, Julia has been dragged around against her will by her mother, and at times she seemed like a bird in a guiled cage. Well, it seems that Julia has gotten her wish with Jimmie finally having given up on Judy and turning his attention to her in a serious way.

        Sallie, where do I begin? It seems that things are also looking good for Sallie, Bob seems to be absolutely infatuated Sallie. Now, if only Sallie could get over her man fright, it looks like she likes Bob, but every time the prospect of her being alone with him or him even just touching her by accident seems to turn her into a hysterical ten year old. I understand that she’s a good girl but her reaction to Bob seems a little immature for a girl/young woman of seventeen. Back in the days of Daddy Long Legs, girls/young women of Sallie, Julia, and Judy’s age seriously had to consider marriage partners, the medium age of marriage for females was 21 meaning half got married younger and half got married older, so having to think about marriage at age 17-18 was a real possibility.

       Now, lets talk about Judy. Out of all three of the girls Judy’s love life seems the most advanced and stable, she and Jervis have both professed their love to each other and there at the kissing stage. Both Jervis and Judy had the opportunity to break it off but decided that they really wanted a relationship together. The only two real issues between them will be the issue of Judy’s background, she’s told no one that she’s a orphan and a poor girl. The second issue that might come up is the age gap between them, Jervis is ten years older than Judy, but after Judy graduates high school in a few months if she and Jervis doesn’t have a problem with it than who is anyone else to complain.

         But, overall the last couple of episodes will be interesting; will the girls get their guys, will the girls get into the colleges of their choices, and will Judy finally come to grips with her background? I can’t answer these questions yet, but watching it all happen will be interesting.