This episode begins in the dream world, winter is fast approaching and the junk doll notices that the girl is sleeping more and more. But, he also feels that something is changing, he sees the mysterious warm lights, and he convinces the girl to venture outside with him even though she’s afraid to be caught outside if the weather changes.


        Then in the real world Tomoya, Nagisa, and Youhei are spending some time with Yukine in the reference room where Tomoya asks her if she’s lonely here? Of course, Yukine says no, because she always has lots of visitors, Youhei then professes his love for Yukine, and all she says is thanks but he’ll find someone better suited for him. Then as they are about to eat lunch a injured tough guy (Sudou) collapses as he tries to enter though the window calling Yukine’s name.


       It turns out that Yukine is sort of like a older sister to a local gang, and they come to her to get healed and for advice. As Sudou is eating with the group another thug barges in and wants to fight Sudou but out of respect for Yukine they decide to leave the school grounds before brawling.


        While walking home Yukine tells them that there are two gangs that are fighting for control of the city and the gang that Sudou belongs to is ran by her brother (Kazuto), he’s really tough and has never lost a fight. Just then a little boy grabs Yukine from behind and demands that she give him back his sister, as Yukine tries to talk to him he asks Youhei if he’s Kazuto and Youhei tells him yes he is Kazuto surprising everyone. Back at Youhei’s/Kazuto’s place the boy (Yuu) tells them that his sister (age 21) left home to join Kazuto’s gang and now he wants her back, Youhei/Kazuto tells him to forget about it and that Yuu just has a sister complex.



        Youhei/Kazuto lectures the young boy about how even if your separated from you sister the bonds of family never fail, Nagisa comments that Youhei must have learned something from his sister Mei. Yukine tells the boy that she’ll ask her friends about Yuu’s sister, and the next day at school Yuu is hanging out with Youhei/Kazuto. When Tomoya asks Youhei what the kid is doing here, Youhei tells him that Yuu is trying to learn about being a man from Youhei/Kazuto. So, after hanging out for a while and learning from a bad example of a man (Youhei), Yukine has managed to contact her people and track down Yuu’s sister.



         So, the crew takes Yuu to meet his sister at the gang’s club, Youhei gets very nervous about getting to close to the gang members but Tomoya tells him that Kazuto can handle it. Inside the club everyone acts pretty nice to them but as soon as Yuu refers to Youhei using Kazuto’s name all hell breaks loose, a thug (the one who was under Yukine’s table a couple of episodes ago) grabs Youhei and asks him what the hell is he still doing hanging out with Yukine? As Youhei is getting chewed out for using Kazuto’s name Yukine tells Nagisa and Tomoya about the problems Yuu’s sister was having at home with her parents, and why she moved out. Yukine tells the crew that most of the people in the gang had problems at home and now they considers the club their home, and the other gang members their family. During their stay at the club Youhei continues to get messed with for impersonating Kazuto, but the rest of the crew has a good time, and Nagisa and Yukine even sing some karaoke together.



       As they are about to leave, Tomoya asks if he could meet Kazuto, but they find out that he’s in the hospital right now because of a traffic accident. Tomoya asks Yukine if he could see a picture of Kazuto, but Yukine tells them that there are no pictures of her brother. On their way home they get jumped by the other gang, they think that Youhei is Kazuto, and Tomoya tells them to run away. As they are fleeing from the thugs the thugs get beaten up by someone they think is Kazuto, but it turns out that the savior really is Tomoyo, and after the fight she asks them what they are doing in such a dangerous area. Well, that’s all for this episode.


        Well, after watching the first part of the Yukine path I find myself agreeing with Clannad’s creators decision to make Yukine’s role in the series a minor one. While Yukine is a nice interesting minor character I just didn’t feel the emotional connection with her story that I felt with the other girl’s paths.

        Yukine has always been a sweetheart throughout the series and maybe that’s the problem, other than being totally kind and nice she lacked any other depth to her personality, maybe that’s why I don’t connect with her. So, since I don’t connect with her, I therefor don’t find her path too interesting.

        One problem I had with this episode was the Tomoyo fighting and beating up the adult thugs thing. While in past episodes Youhei and Tomoya have shown no fear in fighting other kids and even themselves they were truly afraid of the adult thugs, but Tomoyo manages to beat up a bunch of full grown men with no problem. Oh, I forgot one of the laws of anime; an adult no matter how big and strong they are will always lose a fight with a  kid, and they’ll probably lose even worse to a teen aged girl.

        Overall, even though I didn’t connect with Yukine’s path I still found this episode enjoyable and entertaining, and I look forward to the conclusion to her path in the next episode.