This episode begins with Miss Brownell announcing that she will be leaving the school to get married and they will be getting a new teacher. After the students see Miss Brownell off they all wonder what kind of person the new teacher will be, and at school that’s all the students are talking about. 


          Then Francis Carpenter, the new teacher shows up at the school, and the students think he’s quite strange. He does things like conducting classes outside in the fresh air, and he asks the students about their hopes and dreams. Emily should be very happy with this type of teacher because of a comment about her writing she doesn’t seem to like him while Ilse is very captivated by the new teacher.



        Later, Mr Carpenter visits Teddy’s house to give him a art book, he tells Teddy’s mother that Teddy is very talented and he could someday study at a good art school in a large city. When she hears him talk about her son leaving her someday to study she throws out the teacher and his art book, and she says that she’ll never be parted with her son. That night Emily finds out that all the townspeople know of Mr Carpenter but aunt Elizabeth won’t tell her any of the details of his history.


       The next day as Perry is returning from some errands he stumbles upon Mr Carpenter teaching a history class to the students by reenacting the events through a play, and he gets so excited that he gets involved in the class. Perry gets nervous because he’s supposed to be working and not going to school but Mr Carpenter has him participate anyways. Afterwards, he tells the kids that it’s important that they study history through the feelings of the people involved in the events. As Emily listens to Mr Carpenter’s words she’s reminded of how her father used to talk to her.


       Later, Mr Carpenter asks Emily to read one of Emily’s poems and she tells him that she doesn’t want a person who already judged her work to read them. So, he asks her that if she wishes to be a writer will she only let her supporters read her works? If so, then she’s an immature as a writer who has no confidence in her skills and her writings. After hearing this Emily hands him her poetry book and runs away from him in front of the whole class.


         Teddy goes after Emily and they end up at an abandoned house called the house of disappointments because many unhappy events occurred to a young couple that moved there causing them to leave in disappointment. Teddy asks Emily if she’s going to give up so easily, and he tells her about his mother’s reaction to his art, and that he won’t give up on being as artist no matter what his mother thinks. Teddy also gives Emily a drawing of her that he just finished, and Emily then resolves not to quite her dream of being a writer. The next day Mr. Carpenter gives Emily her notebook back and he tells her that while she wrote about 400 sentences only about ten of them were really noteworthy.



        Emily reacts badly to his words and he asks her if she’s going to give up writing? Emily starts crying as she tells him that she loves writing and that she can’t help herself because she has to write. She’s asks him why he’s bothering with her writing if he thinks that it’s no good, and he tells her that she wasn’t listening to him, if she can write ten good lines at age eleven she’ll be able to write 100 good lines at twenty.  He tells her that writing being a writer is a tough road to walk and that even if she works hard she might not succeed at it, but Emily tells him that she’ll really try hard to be a good writer.


        Later, she and Teddy meet at an abandoned house and they decide to go inside where Emily resolves to write her novels here, and Teddy also says that he’ll work on his art here. Emily and Teddy also resolve to someday in their future to find their happiness in this house together. Well, that’s all for this episode. 



       Well, it’s been such a long time since I’ve watched an episode of Emily I almost forgot how much I really enjoy this series. Two interesting things occurred in this episode that will probably effect the rest of the series.

      Firstly, the kids got a new teacher that truly seems to care about what the students want for their futures, and he is also the type of teacher that will go the extra mile for the students that have special potential.

       Mr. Carpenter is the first person that really took Emily’s writing seriously, Emily wasn’t ready to handle a serious critique, and I think that he’s just what Emily needs to force her writing to a whole new level. I think that everyone’s had the experience where they thought they were hot shit in their own little world until someone comes along and shows you that your good but not good enough yet.

         Also, this episode sets the course for Emily’s and Teddy’s future relationship with them promising each other that they’ll find their future happiness together. I guess that everyone could see it coming, Emily and Teddy are kindred spirits so it only natural that they’ll be attracted to each other.